Sep 14, 2011


I made miniature cabinets. I use green, it's rare for me. :) Handles are design of fish.
size: about 6cm heigh, 4cm wide, 3cm deep

This cabinet is more littler than green cabinet. Handles are design of acorn.
size: about 2.3cm heigh, 1.7cm wide, 1.5cm deep


Anonymous said...

These are really cute . Especially the handles.

Drora's minimundo said...

I love the handles. Great idea.

Chris P's Minis and More said...

very good work.. nicely done!
cute handles. Did you use a kit?

Lisa said...

Wow. So tiny and perfect.

miniacollection said...

Excellent! I love the colours of the first one and the fish details.

cockerina said...

it is sad to read the news in a country, big and strong, like Japan, has been neglected!
even more sad to read that the minister is incapable of being sensitive to the needs of the population! what a shame to call the area of the disastrously "a city of death"! He has done well to resign!
But rather than make comments in bad taste, because the government fails to hold "serious" work of reconstruction? people live in precarious situation for six months! people who no longer has a home, people who no longer work, the food is contaminated, the kids are sick!
I am very sorry for your situation, I continue to pray, but in reality it does little, I'm very angry!
and the emperor, does he say?
Tomoca thanks for this news, in Italy it is only spoken of the Twin Towers, but in Japan, it seems that everyone has forgotten :((
I embrace you strong!

Plushpussycat said...

Really cute--great work! :-)

Unknown said...

good, very good.
hugs from Italy !!

Hoshi said...

These are incredibly cute! I love the white one most. Is it made of wood?

Unknown said...

wahhhh WAHH!!! so many posts i've missed??? :( time to clear my browser cache.....

LOVE your cabinets! your work seems so perfect :O

Mindy Max said...

Very pretty! They are so perfect!

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :)))

I didn't use a kit. My works are all my handmade ;-)

Thank you so much for your concern about Japan! I'm so glad!
Japanese emperor grieve for victims and people live in stricken areas. He and his family visited there and comfort them. Japanese emperor is in high position but The imperial family can not interfere in politics by Japanese constitutional. But he can little acting. He offered his villa to people who lost home like a evacuation area.
I guess terrorism is near in life in Europe, therefore your country interest the Twin towers.
Japanese people are happy because there are kind person like you in the world. :))

Yes, It's made of wood. ;-) Handles made of clay.

Hahaha, you never missed. I posted continually for two days.

Ana Anselmo said...

I love your work! I want to send you a great hug, I hope things get better in Japan, specilly in the area affected with the disaster. Those kind of things take a long time.