Feb 10, 2015

Chocolate sweets

I made miniature chocolate sweets by clay.

marsh marrows, chocolate pie and donuts with stick. 

Done. :-9

February 14th is Valentin's day. There is a habit that woman gift a chocolate to man who she likes or love on this day in Japan. This habit was made to sales promotion by a confectionery company before long  time. This habit sometime is never wonderful, because there is a case of women has to gift chocolate to men in her office. But this is an according to the office, it is never all office. The chocolate is called "giri choco (obligation chocolate)." When woman gift chocolates to men who her boss, senior or  fellow workers and doesn't has goodwill in the office, those chocolates are called "giri choco".

This story is my experience,  In the office I worked, a woman who she entered the company earlier than I collected money with compulsion from each women, she bought chocolates to the number of men and gave them. She did it eagerly. sigh...

Why woman has to gift obligation chocolate. This is my opinion, there is a culture of "to consider others" in Japan. I think this is very good, but this culture often make unnecessary considerer. It's troublesomeness. 

And there is White day on March 14th in Japan, man return candy, marsh marrow or white chocolate to woman on this day. Yes, this habit was made by confectionery company too. 


Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Es una historia curiosa la que cuentas, y tus dulces son inmejorables!!!

Plushpussycat said...

Very interesting story of your experience. Thank you for sharing. Your Valentine's chocolates scene is gorgeous! I especially love the marshmallows and chocolate pie with a heart in the middle--very cute! xo Jennifer

PILAR6373 said...

Curiosa historia!!!!
Y esos dulces,se ven deliciosos y muy reales!!!!

Ilona said...

Thank you for sharing the interesting story about your Valentine's tradition!
The Valentine's chocolates are very realistic and gorgeous, they look yummy :D!
Kind regards, Ilona

tomohachi said...

Muchas gracias todas. Thank you for commenting. :)) The marshmallows is my favorite. :-9

elizabeth s said...

I love your honesty regarding the Obligation Chocolate giving. I think that I would find it troublesome too. :D
I don't believe that Valentines day began this way but commerce has made it what it has become.
Even so, your your Valentines treats are lovely and I also like your little redheaded felted doll. You are making her very well even though she is very tiny!