Jul 31, 2009


In Japan, everyday muggy and my brain too.(X_X) So...I forgot update of this blog. I am sorry....

I made the miniature sweets and object. I put the picture of the ship in the plates. It's the image of summer.

Jul 26, 2009


Miniature shell made from resin clay.

This shell will be able to be used as mermaid's brassiere.

Jul 24, 2009


Miniature fruitcake.

Miniature tray. The bottom of tray is the mesh of a net. This tray will use the ornament board to stand. For example, hang the accessores or cute object etc. on the net.

Jul 18, 2009

Bookstand etc.

Miniature bookstand. I don't stand the book in this. I will put other object.

Miniature olive tree.


Miniature basket tray.

Put the sweets on the tray.

Jul 12, 2009

Housewife white bear

The image is Japanese 60's. About 50 years ago in Japan, the Japanese housewives went to shopping with this basket and they have a nostalgic purse.

Jul 10, 2009


Miniature purse. This purse can't open and shut. Tighten purse strings~!

Jul 9, 2009


Miniature japanese white radish, cabbage and leek. These was made from resin clay. This miniature cabbage have the veins of a leaf. I am not good at making vegetable, flower and plant by the clay.....

Jul 6, 2009

Hello Kitty

I had participated in a prize competition of noodle company. This prize competition is all applicant can receive the lanyard with Hello Kitty. I had forgotten to participated it. The other day, I received those. Very lovely.

Jul 2, 2009


Miniature nostalgic basket.

Jul 1, 2009


She wear an apron.

I separately made the ribbon and put ribbon on the belt of apron.