Nov 15, 2011

Shelf and food etc.

I made miniature box shelf. I made hinges too. I don't want to make this again, because it was hard work to me.  :-( I try test to open.  It put hinges on the box by tape temporarily.

Open~. Good! I will put board to inside and a handle on the door.
I may buy miniature hinges next time...

Miniature walnut bread.

Lovely doughnut hill. It not glue each other yet. When it glue, the hill will be more tall. And, with lovely candy sticks. :-9

Miniature toadstool cushion. Back side is red.  

I made miniature candles with shabby can again. Red candle is passion, orange is cheerful and blue is peace of mind....

OK, these photos are not about miniature. I have gone to illustration class in community college. My teacher gave us a theme to draw the illustration on the paper coaster to both sides. The theme was "Christmas".  We drew the illustration of Christmas on the coaster, and remake to Christmas ornament. :) I didn't draw on the coaster directly. I already drew that on other paper. So, I cut a circle and glued on the coaster. I drew red sox and..... 

candy cane with a snowman. By the way, Japanese snowman is not three snow balls, just two. I like European snowman. :)