Aug 3, 2014

Teddy bear convention in Tokyo

I participated Teddy bear convention last month. :) The place was Yurakucho, Tokyo, this city is very big and there are a lot of office, shop, brand shop, department store etc. and there is the Imperial Palace near. And this city is for rich people. hahaha

This is a big building, Tokyo International Forum. This building has several hall, a lot of restaurants, shops,  conference rooms, museum and exhibition hall etc.

This is exhibition hall to Teddy bear convention. There are some big animals in the doorway. They welcomed. :)

Ta-dah-! Oh! I didn't notice that a dinosaur and an mammoth also were there in the left side.

Big event for Teddy bear! :) It was opened for two days, Saturday and Sunday.

Ta-dah~! This is my table. This table is wider than a table of miniature show. At first, I worried about table size, because I thought it's very wide to my works. But it's was no problem. I put my doll house and my illustration for exhibit, the table was never wide. The space to display selling works was not enough.

Ah~! I can't take the photos very well by iPhone. Sh*t!

A lot of people visited!!

There are a lot of people and teddy bears in the hall.

First day finished. This hall is second underground floor. I took a photo from the window at the first underground floor. After finished, hang the shade. I can see my place. I guess this is good position in the hall. I think the position in the hall of exhibition is very important. If it's not good position, for example, the corner in the hall, people may not came and not notice me.

I enjoyed and spent for exciting two days. :)  I talked to a lot of people. I was very happy, because a lot of people has interest miniature works. I was asked a lot of question about how to make and what kind of material I use to miniature etc. And people was wonder about my tiny bears, so I explained that I had made same way to sew stuffed bear. They were amazed. This is not amazed to miniature fans and miniature creators, I guess. But it was amazed to teddy bears fans. I learned new things and get new experience. 

By the way, I displayed to sell miniature teddy bears no include miniature works and miniature teddy bear with miniature works. People visited in this exhibition are pure teddy bears fans, they loves only teddy bears. They has interest miniature works too much, but they purchased only miniature teddy bear, doesn't need miniature works. But there are purchaser who purchased teddy bear with miniature works, too. :)  I learned that people's interest is different too in each exhibition of different theme. I'm sorry, I can't writing well in English that what I want to say. English sentence is difficult! X(

Some my works to exhibition.

They are bearsNINE9! Their missions are makes happy and smile to people! 
 Narrow to him?

Go to travel!

This is for charity.

Happy Halloween!

I ordered new business card to a printer. 

I talked to other wonderful exhibitors. :)) They has talented and teach me good technique. :)) I got wonderful treasure! :D After convention,  I went to the cafe with friendly exhibitors, we chatted a lot. We enjoyed. :)) The next day, my voice was husky. I talked too much.  hehehe

I started making new works. Japan has a scorching weather now. I don't want to touch the fake fur...

He couldn't pick up moomin mom.