Apr 29, 2009

Mango cake

I made a mango cake from clay. I decorated pistachios on the cake. I painted some color to pistachios, but can't see it well....

Apr 28, 2009


I made the cake of crescent.

An enameled ware. (Actually, this made from resin.) Recently, I like a light blue such as an antique.

Apr 27, 2009

Continued the container

I copied the one side of the body of the miniature container by crystal resin. I prepare each parts and glue each other.

OK...Let's unite! I'm nervous! Yippee~~~!

Very good! This is great success! The shape is not bad and no distortion.

The inside is good globe. But I thought I could to shave 1mm the wall at least. But, it's OK. Because if the wall is thin, the crystal resin can not flow well.

I'm going to make the top from now on.

This way can be applied to the another design. But I need good motivation and myself concentration. I will not try for the time being.....

Apr 26, 2009

Homemade ~Cheese cake~

I baked suffle cheese cake. Sigh...I want to more bulge. I should use baking powder? But it's OK this time. The taste is good.

I need good technique to baking this type cheese cake.

Apr 24, 2009

Mixing bowl ~completed~

After made the copy, I painted and completed~! Oh~, this photo is dark. The left bowl is white, the right bowl is light blue.

Apr 21, 2009

mixing bowl

I made a mold of the miniature bowl.

I tried to make a miniature container transparent. I'm going to make the design of globe. There are some reason to make a globe, I make the one side of the body of the container. And I prepare two this copies and I glue each other. I tried to this method first time. I am nervous~!

First, I made a one side of the body by stone clay. (photo left side) I checked to the shape of globe by the Photoshop Elements.(photo right side) This time, no problem. Hu~.

I made the throat on the container. It's like a pumpkin.

This is important for. I hollowed out this to thin by chisel and wood router. Oh, the thickness of under left side and right side are different. But...no problem! Let's go to next!

Apr 20, 2009


I made the miniature rusks. I put the bubbles in the clay.

The idea of put the bubble in the clay, the original proposer is Shimako Hoshino. She is a dollhouse, miniature and teddy bear's great famous artist. She has a great technique! I respect her.

Apr 18, 2009

Cup cake ~again~

I baked cup cake again. This time, I changed the composition of ingredient of cup cake. The result is great success! d(>_・ )

It's fluffy and moist.

This is maple muffin. I couldn't bake well when first time I baked this. This time, I mistook the quantity of baking powder. This is not much. So, this muffin didn't rise much. But taste is good.

Apr 16, 2009

I'm thinking....

I'm thinking what color paint this pot. I like the orange color, brown and light blue. I'm worried.

Apr 15, 2009


I saw the ornament made from branch and vine in the shop. I made it as miniature. I don't understand how to call this ornament. Some little goods can hang on this ornament. I'm going to make other goods for this ornament later.

Apr 11, 2009

Sakura (Cherry blossom)

I went to a big park in the neighboring town to see cherry blossom. Now, Japan is the season of cherry blossom. But already the most of cherry blossom have fallen.

A flurry of falling cherry blossoms. It's like the snow.

Ground is a pink color by petal of cherry blossoms.

The carpet of petal of cherry blossoms. Some people were lying or sitting here.

Some tree still have flower.

Apr 9, 2009

The dishes

I love to collect the dishes. I buy those when I found my favorite design in the shop. The cupboard of my house is full! What should I do~?! But I bought new cute simple dishes. (^_^;) Each dishes are about 150 yen. It's cheap! Besides cute and simple.
There are logo "petit cadeau" on the dish in French. I knew the meaning of "petit" is "little", but I don't know "cadeau". Then I thought "Maybe, not a strange meaning".
In Japan, many logos or sentence are written in foreign language (mainly English or French etc.) to the clothing, stationery, shop's name and various goods etc.. The most of Japanese don't understand foreign language.
Few month ago, I saw a young women wearing pants that was written dirty words in her hip in English.(o_o) I don't know whether she understands the meaning.
So, sometime I look up an unfamiliar word when I have enough time. Incidentally, "cadeau" is "gift". So, the meaning of "petit cadeau" is "little gift". The little gift...... This time I paid out of my pocket.(-_-)

Apr 6, 2009

Orange bread

The other day, I bought candied orange peel(made in Spain). I baked the orange bread.
* * * *
En la otra día, Compré piel de naranja cocida (hace en España). Hice el pan de naranja.

Just after baked.
* * * *
Justo después de hacer.

The flavor of orange had danced in my mouth. Delicious!
* * * *
El sabor de naranja ha bailado en la mi boca. ¡Qué rico!

Daily life

Completed! The theme is mixed daily life. Only the main part (a corner of desk and wall) already completed at last November. But, I couldn't make other goods, since I was busy. Today, completed finally!

Well...I couldn't take a picture of basket inside much. There are two baguette.

Apr 3, 2009

Cloth etc.

I made miniature bundle of the cloth and the number plate.
My finger shook with detailed work when I put tag on the string. The number plate is antique style. I painted like a rust.

Apr 1, 2009


I made miniature notebooks. The design are two type: the normal and the stripe such as the color of the spring. The way of making is the same as the diary. And I made a penholder that the design is such as ink pot. I'm going to paint it after dried.