Oct 24, 2013

It was still hot in early October in Japan but Autumn gradually ripened in this week. :)

I show you my new works. :) And I opened those on flicker.

"I go to a trip with my friend. :)"

Olive soap and Linen water etc. 

A lot of lovely things! 

I have a lot of cloths to miniature teddy bear, but I don't use those yet. ^_^; 
At last I used one cloth of those. (height: about 4.7 cm  Choker: crystal)

This is for Christmas. (height: about 3.3 cm  Choker: crystal, swarovski )

I have made a little room to miniature teddy bear. I painted rough on the wall. The back side of shelf is mesh. 

A lot of honey dripped on the toast. :-9

Oh! I feel sweet taste in my mouth.