Sep 29, 2011

Miniature bear's world.

some no problem comments have put into the spam box of my blog manage. I didn't notice that for long time. XO I'm really sorry to a few people!! I released those comments from spam box. I always check comments on my blog, didn't check on the manage blog and dashboard. I must to be carful. (^_^;A

And my blog readers are over 300! Wow! Thank you soooo much!

I play in some my miniature works. :)
Title: One day in miniature bear's life.

Sep 25, 2011

Some minis

I made miniature stool, biscuit style. :-9

These are pitcher to maple syrup. One is drip style, and other is no drip. 

Mini blackboard. This mini blackboard substitute for plate. I put donuts.  

How change this gray head.... see next photo. ;-)

Halloween season will come next month. I made miniature new girl container. Their hats are halloween style, pumpkin and witch hat. These hats are not copy, each just one.

Take off hat.

There is also halloween in Japan in recent years. But there is not custom children visit to some house to take candy. (I read on the newspaper for a few years ago, people in small community do it, for example, to visit each other's or friend's house. ) Ornament to halloween and halloween style goods sell in the stores, halloween style sweets  also sell in the cake shop. I guess Japanese people, not all, just decorate, put pumpkin ornament (made from plastic etc.) on the table etc. I'm sorry, I don't know about Japanese halloween very well, because I do not decorate. hehehe...

Sep 14, 2011


I made miniature cabinets. I use green, it's rare for me. :) Handles are design of fish.
size: about 6cm heigh, 4cm wide, 3cm deep

This cabinet is more littler than green cabinet. Handles are design of acorn.
size: about 2.3cm heigh, 1.7cm wide, 1.5cm deep

Sep 11, 2011

6 months since disaster

It passed six months since disaster, March 11th. Stricken areas do not make reconstruction yet. Japanese Prime Minister changed again in last week. We don't understand the  present situation will advance to reconstruction and settle to radioactivity, because only incompetent Prime MInister has appeared since change a political party. And there are a lot of gaffe-prone minister in this political party.  ):-(
We have disappointment and we can not expect easily to new party cabinet.

It have still uneasiness to about cesium in Japan.
There is about current situation etc. in The Japan times.

And last ... 11th....
I pray their soul may rest in peace to victims 9/11, 2001in New York.