Feb 25, 2010

I go for it.

I'd like to finish making miniature works to domestic exhibition. X( I have to do detailed packing to works and prepare document.

I finished make some miniature works. I open that!

I could make the miniature forks. :D

These are same. It's just different each logo color.

The display table with a drawer. I need many motivation to make this. I can't make a lot of such a display table with drawer.

I prepare the paper to put the miniature works. Well..., the recent my boom is listen Nordic pops music. I imaged like a Nordic design. I'd like to use blue paper and draw blown lines. But it's not suitable to colors used in my works. :(
I gave up. I use white and I made ivory version too.

Feb 22, 2010


Miniature candle. I made texture of very melted candle.
The candle made from resin clay (air dry clay).
The candlestick made from stone clay and paper.

Feb 21, 2010

Wonderful gift

The other day, my friend stay to study in Taiwan came back to Japan for a while. I met her and she gave me wonderful gift! This is a mug cup with cap of Starbucks Coffee in Taiwan. I wanted this cup! So, I'm very, very happy~! Yes! Yes! Yes!! I laughed when see this. Because it's very big than my imagination. I can drink many tea or coffee.:D I thank my friend!

The other one. What is this. This is correction tape of the design of wafer.

Wow! It's very funny! I didn't notice the letter "Correction tape", when I got this. So, I asked to my friend "What is this? Post-it? Eraser?" I had a quiz contest by myself. I'm silly... I love the stationery of the design of foods or sweets.

The overseas life have happy things, but also have a hard time. The living in the country that different language, food, thinking and culture is very hard. Fortunately, my friend is helped by kindly and cheerful Taiwanese. Thank you for Taiwanese! 多謝!

Go for it! My friend K!

Feb 19, 2010

How to make miniature knife

I open how to make miniature knife by self-taugh.

Prepare a board of aluminium 0.3mm in thickness. Make the shape of the blade of a knife your hope by file and nippers. In the case of this knife, cut the point of knife by nippers and file, file off a part of knife into the handle.

Next, to the handle. Prepare a bar of hinoki (Japanese cypress) 1mm in thickness and 3mm in width. Shave shape that a part of knife into the handle. Please shave it same size that the thickness of aluminium. It will be shaky, if shave deep a little. The length of knife is 8mm, but prepare 1cm to see balance the knife and the handle, later. 2mm is insurance to never cut short to handle. LOL
*Most Japanese use hinoki, when use craft works. I don't know what kind of wood use to craft works in other country.

After shave the hinoki "A", prepare another one "B" and bond to "A". Pinch it by clothespin etc. to dry.

After dry, shave the handle to your favorite thickness and shape by sandpaper. Put the blade in the handle to check of the design of knife. If it's OK, bond the knife to the handle.

Of course.... it can not cut in effect~!

Feb 18, 2010

Chiffon cake etc.

It snowed this morning, Tokyo, Japan. It too cold! I couldn't go out from my futon (Japanese mattress).

Miniature a piece of chiffon cake, cookies and fork. I prepare four sets. I must make one more fork. It's hard work to me! X( Because making the miniature fork is very difficult~!

Feb 13, 2010

Chopping board

Miniature chopping boards. An oval type. A grip is wire.

This is normal type. The picture is too small that adjoining logo. It's the hat of chef. Other picture is a baguette. I drew these.

Do I have a result that I learn the picture in the class of illustration, I wonder?

Feb 12, 2010

Wire basket

Miniature wire basket (hanging type).

Feb 8, 2010


I have learned a picture with color pencil and pastel at the class of illustration from last Autumn. I can draw simple picture by PC, but I'm poor at drawing on the paper directly. I'd like to can drawing and also use to my miniature works. I found the class by chance, so I decided go to there. I was exited, because I take lessons after a long time!

I confused in the class, because other students are good painter. But a teacher is very kindly and her teaching is very good. So, I can go to the class now. :-)

This is my first picture with color pencil. The amateur can drawing this by professional illustrator's teaching.

This picture was just plane, but the teacher taught me how to put the shadow. Finally, the picture have a third dimension. The teacher copy out my picture simply, when teach me how to put the shadow. Then she draw it very, very smooth! What a cool!! It's pro!!

I use my picture at once! :D I worked my picture in PC. (reduction and put letter ) Oh! Cool! ha-ha-ha.

Feb 4, 2010

Visiting card

I made new design visiting card. I enjoy to design. But it's difficult thinking to new design.

Feb 2, 2010

Bread etc.

Bread and kitchen goods with smiling toadstool. The image is pastel color kitchen.

I changed the header's picture on my blog. :D I add explanation about size of Japanese ten-yen coin.

Feb 1, 2010

Wire basket

Miniature wire baskets. I don' t like the work of making the wire basket. But I need some basket for my miniature works. So, I did the best!

*Japanese ten-yen coin is 23.5mm in diameter.

I put illustration of doily on the miniature plate.


I took a photo in evening the other day. The cloud spread over in the sky and the sunlight came from chink of cloud to the ground. It was fantastic sky.