May 22, 2013

A long time

Hello again. :-) I had stopped this English blog. I'm sorry. I had prepared some works to big art exhibition, Design festa vol.37 in Tokyo. I was super busy. X(
This event is the biggest art event in Asia, over 10,000 artists participate to this event.

I report about the biggest event simply.

Mainly I made....

blue bear is waiting for his girl friend back to home. Or.... he made her angry, he visit to her home with rose he grew and some sweets she likes to apologize. But she don't open the door, he is at a loss... Which story do you like? hahaha

A bear perform Little Red riding Hood.

"Hi! I'm little violetta. Nice to meet you. ;)"

"I like cooking. :)" Her back is so cute! I love this photo.

Miniature teddy bear's garret. Here is his favorite place.

and etc. I will put these photos on flickr later.

I took some photos from window of train. This place is Toyosu, Tokyo. Toyosu is reclaimed land, it have redeveloped now. There are a lot of high-and medium-rise apartment buildings and office building.

This building's name is BIG SIGHT. The design festa is here. It had two days. 

I participated the event with my friend. We arrived early morning. Some other artist had started preparation too.

Our booth had an accident. Boooooo! We rent a curtain to partition but it was mistook set up. We complain about this to staff of this event. Some staff set up over again. We couldn't start to preparation at once.   

Finished preparation. this is our booth. :)

A girl bear with tiny bear left side are my friend made. They visit to little violetta's kitchen. :))  How sooooo lovely!!

After open.

My friend's works. :))) Her works has appeared in how to book of miniature. People was attracted to her works.

These are my works.

I enjoyed for two days. And next month, I participate miniature show. I already start busy days again.... 

Thanks seeing. :)