Jan 25, 2011

Cupcakes again etc.

Wow! My follower are 203! Thank you soooo much!! :-)))

I made miniature cupcakes again for charm. I like this design as a comic. :) I used clay FIMO and Modena. FIMO: a part of cupcake. Modena: a strawberry and whipped cream.

By the way, I changed my web site design. 

New design of my site was be simple, and top page, "Gallery" and "Illustrations" page has slideshow. :) In the case of different broadband, it might can not to see smooth. But I guess it's no problem. And I reduced a lot of sentence from my web site. There are only some Japanese and English sentence, but "How to make" (I wrote in the past) and announcement to domestic are only Japanese sentence. I'm sorry. 
But I guess that this is no problem too. Because this blog is English, I write in English if I have some announcement to everyone and photos are almost same in my web site. This blog is my web site version of  English. tee-hee :)

Jan 14, 2011

Good to see everyone again

This is first work this year. :) Title: A greeting set for new year.
I would be happy, if I received such a gift. hahaha

This is miniature candle. Of course, can not put a light to this sweets candle. hehehe  It can not see a wick well in the photo, but there is small, small wick.

Jan 1, 2011