Mar 27, 2014

Careless teddy bear

Miniature american cherry pie and a can of cherries. I made hollow on each cherry of clay. This work make seem real to cherry.

Mar 24, 2014

Miniature food

I use a pizza delivery service sometimes. I like "smile fried potatoes" very much.  I order this menu with pizza surely. Actually not smile. That's terrible faces.  These are real smile fried potatoes.

I made miniature smile fried potatoes by clay. Potatoes I made are smile!

Done, a set hamburg steak and fried prawn.

And pizza. I heard pizza in Euro and USA are very big, and sell a piece of pizza in the pizza shop. It not sell a piece of pizza in Japan.  

Pound cake and tiny leaf cookie. :-9

Hot dog. :-9 :-9

Well.... I don't know this sweets name. This sweets is existing since old in Japan, I guess. Recently not see it.  Whipped cream in the hot dog's bread and decorated cherry. 
I made this sweets but in fact... I don't like whipped cream. 

 Tiny toadstool icing cookies.

Cup cakes. I don't squeeze whipped cream (of course clay) on the cup cake directly. Because I fail 100%, so I make cream separate. After dried, put on the cup cake. 

Apples. This is European type to me. Japanese apples are not deeply red. 
Snow white will eat this apple, I wonder. 

Soft ice cream container. :) I made this emphasis on design, so inside is small.

Feb 9, 2014

Heavy snow in Tokyo

Hello again! :)) This is my first post this year. 

 Tokyo, Japan has heavy snow Today. This is the heaviest snowfall we have had in fifteen years. The trains schedules has disrupted and cars accident happened on the road.

This is my apartment's gate. It can not open....

A door can not open smoothly... I may go out tomorrow. hahaha This state is very unusual in Tokyo!

OK. I start talk about miniature works. :) I will participate some exhibitions this year. I have prepared some works for those.

Tiny teddy bear. :)

This is a chest, but.... 

tiny teddy bear live in. I will put hinge on this.

Oh? some teddy bear heads gather the front of Colonel Muska, a character of "Castle in the sky" Japanese animation movie. What kind of a meeting?

I tried to make rabbit of drop ears. She seems cool lady. I put blusher on her nose.

Their face are different each other. 

Next! Cinnamon rolls. I tried to paint three type colors. I like center.

Spice cookies, bottle and mug. I guess good texture. :-9

Today's last one photo. I made square plate. I will prepare other colors.

Thanks. :)

Dec 28, 2013

Have a nice winter vacation!

Thank you for visiting my blog this year. I'm so happy! :)) 

I wish your happiness 2014! 

Thank you! :)))

Nov 28, 2013

Miniature cookies, bears, bag etc.

I made miniature ginger cookies by air dry clay. The design is socks and boots. I guess the texture and the looks are good. :)

And I put icing on the cookies. It's simple style.

Sponge cakes too.

Some cookies are on the big tree icing cookie in the miniature world. :D

This is hand bell. I had a plan that I put on the board, but there is enough space.... So I decided to hung on the wall.  

Above miniatures gather and done! That's Christmas image. 

OK, next! I have thought and tried new face miniature teddy bear. This is a trial. Bear's eyes are my handmade, because this type eyes with iris and pupil are not sold in the shop etc. besides it's very small. So I have to make by myself.
I understood how improve.

The second trial. Good! It's better! It will be like a Wolverine, X-MEN, if ruffled teddy bear's hair. hahaha

This is other pattern I made. It seems urchin face. :D

I made other miniatures. :) This is a suitcase, it can't open and close.

And this bag too.

Today's last one photo. I have some idea to make new dollhouse now. The theme is...Pie! I started to that little by little. 

Oct 24, 2013

It was still hot in early October in Japan but Autumn gradually ripened in this week. :)

I show you my new works. :) And I opened those on flicker.

"I go to a trip with my friend. :)"

Olive soap and Linen water etc. 

A lot of lovely things! 

I have a lot of cloths to miniature teddy bear, but I don't use those yet. ^_^; 
At last I used one cloth of those. (height: about 4.7 cm  Choker: crystal)

This is for Christmas. (height: about 3.3 cm  Choker: crystal, swarovski )

I have made a little room to miniature teddy bear. I painted rough on the wall. The back side of shelf is mesh. 

A lot of honey dripped on the toast. :-9

Oh! I feel sweet taste in my mouth. 

Sep 15, 2013

TOKYO 2020

The Olympic Games 2020 will be held in Tokyo, Japan! :D This is second times in Tokyo, it was since 1964! I didn't idea that the olympic games has again in Japan!
 It was talked about this event on all TV show last week. I hope Japanese business is look up by effect of The Olympic Games.

 I wander what I am doing after seven years...?

OK, I start talk about my miniature works. :)
I make a map. I painted simply.

A novel too, and snacks. :) Oh! It can't see a novel well.

Books. I like those covers design. :) I'm sorry, those can't open and close. hehehe

I make a choker to miniature teddy bear. I put a carved seal of leaf on a stainless steel board and work like a oxidized silver.

LED put on the pumpkin lantern. He is funny face. :D

I will open other shot photos later. This is a part of some photos.

It see from side. It seems a manly figure.