Jul 8, 2014

Little room etc.

I was going to make simple display board, but after all I made a little room because can't stop my imagination.  I'm weak in making miniature stool, because I can't make an angle to legs well. At first, I had an idea that make wooden box to sit instead of stool. But I thought it need a stool in this room. So, I tried to make stool and I could. :) I found easy knack.

Oops! This photo is out of focus. hehe  Icing cookies.

It use a glass pitcher instead of cookie jar. This pitcher is a ready-made. I made a top.

I weaved a basket to carry a bear.

"I ride in!"


The table top of this table was display board. Almost display board I made has the image of the table. If put the legs of a  table, it be a miniature table. It looks little work table.

Jun 30, 2014

Finished event and to next new event :)

Last week, I participated Tokyo international miniature show. It opened for two days, Saturday and Sunday. June is the rainy season in Japan. A lot of dealers were afraid of that the people may not visits a lot in the show, but a lot of people visited against expectations. This is my booth. I'm worried about display every year....

I bought a little shelf like a stairs in the shop. It seems to an honor platform. :) Popularity rating is like this. No.1 is white bear, 2 is light gray bunny etc.
I open other works photos on flickr.

This doll house is an exhibit.

And I ordered some notes and post cards to a printer and I sold in the exhibition. :) Those are very lovely.

I'm still busy. I will participate teddy bear event on July. I will sew more miniature teddy bears. 
And I have an accident. My camera lens to close-up broken. OMG! This is very important to me! I can't take photos beautiful without this lens. I sent my lens for repair. It will return after about two weeks. sigh... 

This photo is by iPhone. hmm.... I don't like. 

May 25, 2014

Funny fellows and miniature food

I made new miniature teddy bears. :) 

I dyed the silk fur right blue. 

"My stomach is glowing...."

"I have an ambition!"

"It maybe cold today..."   Japan start hot little by little. :(

"Oh! Did William Tell appear ?!"

This miniature fabric is new product. I received DM from the material shop to make bear, I purchased some new fabrics at once. :D It seems animal fur. I like it.

This is different color of new product. I wondered how to make the rabbit's ear, I searched the photos of real rabbit on the web. I remembered that Rabbit's ears are thin, so I don't sew the ears. I glued the two pieces of fabrics together by my technique.

Those are for exhibition. :)

Bread. This is not done yet.

Done. I floured on the baguette and topping sugar on the other.

This is Japanese style lemon cake on sale at the store. :-9 The sponge cake of the shape of lemon and coating white chocolate with lemon flavor.  I must think how to wrap...

Apr 29, 2014

Antique cash register etc.

This post is the second time today. :-)

I made miniature antique cash register. I looked for a model of antique cash register to make miniature register on the web. There are a lot of register. I could not decide just one, so I made it my imagination.

Ornaments on the wall.

Tea and coffee packages. I draw illustration with the image of Scandinavian design a little bit. I draw simple but modern.
By the way, Scandinavian design's furniture and interior decorations are popular now in Japan. :-)

I put the label on the canned. I used miniature cherry pie I made photo.

Simple set. Cutting board, wooden spoon, cafe au lait bowl and cinnamon roll.

I use pins on the handle of cutting board. I guess it seems real. 

Containers. They have soft ice cream hat. :D

Making tiny teddy bear ~digest~

I show you making tiny teddy bear. :)

I sew bear's head. It seems wrinkled.  I doubt this is be a head at this time.

Turn a cloth inside out and tidy. It seems a head. :) My doubt was dispelled.

Stuff cotton into the head.

Put ears on the head.

Put eyes and make a nose and mouth on the face. The head done. Body also make same method.

It seems quiet face from this side but...

it seems a bad girl from other side. 

Her height is about 2.9cm (1.14inch), sitting height is about 2.2cm (0.86inch)

Well, I have made some miniature teddy bears. Because I will participate in teddy bear exhibition three month later. And I have to prepare some works to participate in miniature show. I'm super busy now. 

I tried to stand himself.  Oh! :-O He stood! He can stand with keeping balance.

He too. But their pose looks like bow. 

 I made little blocks to display and alphabets stamp too. I made from "A" to "E".  I want to make more alphabets, but I don't have enough time to make those now.

Mar 27, 2014

Careless teddy bear

Miniature american cherry pie and a can of cherries. I made hollow on each cherry of clay. This work make seem real to cherry.