Oct 31, 2010

Food etc.

I finished making a work. :)

The work above is to sell domestically, but this work is to sell overseas. :) I'm arranging now. I will put more pieces on the display board.

Oct 27, 2010

Kitchenware and cup

I made miniature kitchenware. Well, this is tongs. This design that silicon rubber style in the tip have a popularity recently. I have one in my real life. :) It's very good because it don't scratch pots and pans. I will arrange this with orange frying pan, so I made orange color. The tip made from clay.
I remembered that I made a measuring cup a few years ago. I found silicon rubber mold of measuring cup from drawer, and I made in the usual way. Of course, this graduations is inaccurate. hehehe :P It's a just design.

Last one! I gifted a real size cup in the give away the last month. I made the cup in miniature. Wow! Very good! :)) A cheese on the left side of cup is an ornament. 
I will arrange some miniatures on display board. I especially am happy and enjoy in this moment. :-)

Oct 23, 2010

Little pot

I made miniature colorful little pot. These can't open, the cap put on the pot by glue. Because it will come off and is hard when display.

Oct 19, 2010

Ivy (handmade & ready made)

I made miniature ivy. This is my handmade. 

 I felt tired that making a lot of leaves by myself at first, so I got ready made paper ivy sheet. This ivy sheet is generally for use in diorama. This is first try. The ivy sheet don't have color as white paper at first, and already are cut by laser, have connected a few point in the sheet. A runner, stem and leaves were a group. It cut a few point when take a group out sheet. I don't like paper runner, so I cut stem and leaves from runner, and I used a wire to runner. ummmm.... the leaves are thickness and unnatural. 

First try paint was not good. I tried again. I made curl to leaves strongly. This is just try and see, I didn't paint carefully. ummmm... paper is thick.  
Ready made ivy is beautiful figure. I think that this will not fit my miniature world, because my miniature style has handmade feeling. This ivy is too excellent, it will be conspicuous in other miniatures I made. So, I decided to use my handmade ivy this time.  

This sheet is produced by Kamizukuri, there are a lot of other plant leaves sheets, this site is only Japanese language, I bought in this site.  But Tasca modellismo Co.,Ltd. has introduced in English and sold to overseas from Japan. 

If you have interest, please visit these site. :) Tasca give the detailed explanation of products of Kamizukuri in English.   

Oct 14, 2010

Tomato pasta

I made miniature tomato pasta. The pasta look thick in this photo. :(  But it's about 0.6mm in diameter, it see thin in the naked eye.
I had made miniature basil as I see real basil leaf about a hour. Then I felt bad and had headache by the smell of basil, only a leaf. X( The smell of basil unfit for aromatherapy.... (-_-;)

Oct 13, 2010

Can's contents

I made peeled tomates in tomato juice. A lot of cans has easy open end, but notched can look nice and cute in the miniature world. :)

Oct 11, 2010

Tokyo Sky Tree and Food

I went to Sumida-ku, Tokyo, there is Tokyo Sky Tree (television and radio broadcasting tower, the height will be 634m), it is constructing to 2012. This tower will be one of the world's tallest. This day was too rainy day, so it couldn't see to the top by cloud.

The height is 478m now. The tower is being tall little by little every week.

I took this photo from block. The tower is too big! it don't notice just walking by contraries. 

And I visited a soba shop (buckwheat noodle shop) to eat one food. It's this! ta-dah~!
This is Ebi ten don! "Ebi" mean lobster or shrimp, "ten" mean about tempura (deep-fried),  "don" mean a bowl of rice. "Ebi ten don" in English is a bowl of rice topped with deep-fried shrimp. This Ebi ten don is not normal! It looks like tower! What a crazy dish up! ha-ha! This food of this shop often is introducing by TV. The owner contrived this Ebi ten don in the image of tower. It's very delicious! :)) I hardly ate breakfast to eat this food this day. When I arrived, I was so hungry. I ate all. :D

These are food samples (Japanese imitation food). A lot of restaurant has this imitation food menu in the show case beside enter their restaurant . 
A few restaurant sometimes serve a little different real food from the imitation. For example, the imitation food has a lot of ingredients, but in real food has little etc. 
The shop's food I visited was almost same design that real and imitation. :)) 

Oct 8, 2010


I made miniature grissini by air dry clay and wire basket. This bread is thin and long, it's difficult making this with a technique of making mold and copy. So I made this one by one. It's very difficult to make same size by hands.

Oct 5, 2010

Canned peeled tomatoes

October 6th
I remade the label, and changed the logo that received good advice. :-)) Thank you!

I made miniature canned peeled tomatoes. I wrote the description of ingredients on the back that I did an example to real canned. But it always can't see well in the miniature world. I put the Italian word "El Fascino" on the label, I searched it in google translate. Oops! I noticed spelling mistake now!!! There is not "c"!  I think Japanese people don't notice it, but I can't deceive Italian people and the people that understand Italian language, right? So.... I must remake the label.... (T_T)