Mar 27, 2014

Careless teddy bear

Miniature american cherry pie and a can of cherries. I made hollow on each cherry of clay. This work make seem real to cherry.

Mar 24, 2014

Miniature food

I use a pizza delivery service sometimes. I like "smile fried potatoes" very much.  I order this menu with pizza surely. Actually not smile. That's terrible faces.  These are real smile fried potatoes.

I made miniature smile fried potatoes by clay. Potatoes I made are smile!

Done, a set hamburg steak and fried prawn.

And pizza. I heard pizza in Euro and USA are very big, and sell a piece of pizza in the pizza shop. It not sell a piece of pizza in Japan.  

Pound cake and tiny leaf cookie. :-9

Hot dog. :-9 :-9

Well.... I don't know this sweets name. This sweets is existing since old in Japan, I guess. Recently not see it.  Whipped cream in the hot dog's bread and decorated cherry. 
I made this sweets but in fact... I don't like whipped cream. 

 Tiny toadstool icing cookies.

Cup cakes. I don't squeeze whipped cream (of course clay) on the cup cake directly. Because I fail 100%, so I make cream separate. After dried, put on the cup cake. 

Apples. This is European type to me. Japanese apples are not deeply red. 
Snow white will eat this apple, I wonder. 

Soft ice cream container. :) I made this emphasis on design, so inside is small.