Jul 29, 2010


I put bricks on the wall part of oven. I didn't put all, because I guess that tight bricks not match in this orange wall, besides there are near right color tile. A kettle is I made about two years ago.
And also I finished making edge of floor. A right side floor have wood board, a left side floor have bricks.
I almost finished making house. I'm going to put shelf in next work.

My miniature food or goods are 1:12 scale, but this house is a little small more than 1:12 scale.  I guess that this dollhouse will become like a image of the world of dream or the world of picture book. :-) I'd like to finish up this dollhouse cutely.

Jul 23, 2010


I made miniature Italian cheese caciocavallo. I like this. This cheese appeared at the shop in also Japan recently.
And others, I made miniature wood baskets again. one basket is use for dollhouse, two baskets are for web shop in the future, and other two are for one thing. It's still secret now. ;-)

Jul 21, 2010


I made miniature shell madeleine. I like madeleine. :-)

Jul 18, 2010

Fine weather

The last week, Tokyo, Japan was bad weather by the rainy season. Today's Tokyo is very fine! The clouds looks like a surf. It was made by strong wind.

Many big clouds are in the sky. I feel it near. :-)

Jul 14, 2010


Miniature oven done. This oven was made from almost plastic board. I don't like cutting work to plastic board. :,-( So I had taken time to done.

It can open the door. ...!
I can't eat you too danger!

This big rat (female) often appear in my miniature world.

Jul 13, 2010

New container

I made miniature container that cake design. This design was born from misunderstanding. The misunderstanding was born by my immature technique. Well... I guess this is not good thing.

But... lovely~. :D


I may adjust a little more. 

Jul 12, 2010

Eraser stamp

I made a stamp by eraser.  My drawing sketch reduce, and copy to eraser and carved.  
Oh! This clothes is too hot in summer!

Jul 6, 2010

Little scene of kitchen

Done! I painted frying pan, handle of turner and linen with light blue that image of summer.  Making egg shape is like a easy, but it is very difficult, I guess. I made a lot of eggs "cock-a-doodle-doo~!"

I put on the palm of my hand. :D Did you feel the size of actual object?
Display board size: about 5.4 cm wide, about 4.2 cm deep.

Jul 4, 2010


Wow! My followers are over 100! Thank you! :-)

I made miniature tomatoes. These are overripe. The calyx made from thin paper.  It understand the feel of material of calyx in this photo. Zoom lens do good job. hahaha But it don't understand in the naked eyes.

Jul 1, 2010

New frying pan

I made new frying pan. Old frying pan was too small. I made a little bit big.

Old frying pan have a problem to paint. The divide is unclear, so when painting different color on this, I couldn't painting well. Finishing is very dirty! I failed four pans. I wasted time... :,-(  But I guess this design and coloring are not bad.

It paint all black, became iron frying pan and cute. :D