Jul 23, 2012

Miniature show

About one week ago, I participated to big miniature show.

This is my booth. I thought it's better display than last year. But I should study to make beautiful display. hehehe

Show had two days, those days were very hot temperature. I don't like hot :-( , so I couldn't move smooth. I had prepared to my booth with too much sweat till open. This time I was busy, I noticed I didn't turn the light on my dollhouse. I looked at my dollhouse, pretty tiny bear visited to my dollhouse! hahaha! He is my friend's bear, she put on there. I laughed so much. :D I wanted to put on here for two days, but she need this bear to her work, so I backed to her.     

I made a dollhouse to this exhibition. The theme is.... fantasy apiary. :D
A lot of honey bottles...

A signboard...

This dollhouse has a story, "Today is honey festival. An proprietress of apiary is very busy to make food to festival.". :D


Beautiful shiny bottles...

Honeybee's home -fantasy honeycomb- :)

I will posted more photos on flickr a few days later.  

Some dealer from overseas, Taiwan, Korea, USA and Euro also participated in this show. A German woman were near my booth, she was very good person. :)) I talked with her a little in English. She listened carefully to my accent English and  I asked her the spell, when I can't understand some word. Then she wrote spell on the paper with gladly. I was very happy. :))  And I was very sorry, because sometimes I couldn't understand her English by my poor ability to listening comprehension of English. (^_^;A  

I take a rest and I will start to make miniature works again. :)