Feb 27, 2011

Kakejiku -hanging scroll-

I made miniature Japanese Kakejiku (hanging scroll). I made Japanese small articles after a long time. I usually like to make western design articles. Because I love Western design. :)  But I enjoy making Japanese design articles this time. :))

I listed some Kakejiku on my shop of Etsy. 

Feb 24, 2011

Cocoa can etc.

I made some miniatures. :)

Cocoa can and poster. This photo seems nostalgic. I took this photo evening. I always take photos in natural light. So, miniatures show different impression each time and each season. 

A rat of Mohican (Mohawk) hairstyle and an ornament of The toadstools. The fairy tale world! :D

Square plate and sweet chocolates.

Feb 15, 2011

I am making

I made miniature cupcake candles by clay. This time, it put number on the cream.

This is model of square plate. I will finish copy and painting a few days later.

And, I made miniature ornaments. I use material glass beads, Czech glass beads, swarovski beads and wool felt. Oops! Wool felt gather dust on the window. X(

Feb 3, 2011

Display board.

I have made display board. 
Before painting.

After painting and put a roof. This roof is not glued on the wall yet. I will glue after made shelves and hook.

A birds nest and eggs. But it may... snake eggs? hehehe