Jun 24, 2011

My treasures

I got wonderful miniature works of awesome Japanese miniature creators in exhibition. :D Today, I introduce those for everyone.

This miniature glass bowl is by Dainanakoubou. This bowl has a diameter of about 1,2cm, was in a junk box. I asked her why is this junk? She told me a pattern is strange, not perfect. But I think it's very beautiful.  

This miniature works is by Fukucchi. Every her works are tiny and lovely! She has good technique and a lot of knowledge about material. I learned some technique and about material. I am thankful for her. :)

Next! This miniature works is by Smile*Studio.  I like her miniatures so much. :))) I met her first time and saw her real works in exhibition. I lost talk few seconds by emotion. All perfect!!!

This miniature works by KLEIN KLEIN. I am big fan of her works for long time. :)))) I love her miniature works. A miniature bear is about 2,5cm, besides head, arms and legs can move. Amazing!!!

This green is not real. Miniature! Amazing!!! This green made from clay. Unbelievable!!! This miniature works is by Mrs. Hiromi Takahashi. She has miracle hands!!


I change a topic. LADY GAGA is in Japan now. She is visiting to Japan for appear  MTV Video Music Aid Japan and reconstruction aid. She loves Japan. :))))) She is so wonderful and cool! 

Jun 16, 2011


I had was so busy to prepare miniature show. I didn't have enough time to write in English. I'm sorry.

Okay, Tokyo international miniature show was opened on last weekend, saturday and sunday. Unfortunately, saturday was rainy weather, so customers are not a lot, but sunday was fine weather, a lot of people came. :))

This is my booth.

I displayed my dollhouse. ta-dah~!

I will open other photos on flicker later. I still am busy now. XO
Let me report about miniature show a little. I spend very joyful days and I was glad. :))) I could meet and talk with my web customer. I was so happy!, and I talked other miniature creators. We exchanged various opinions and informations. I learned a lot of things about miniature works. I got precious things and wonderful fellows. An expert miniature creator said me "Your photos on the web are very beautiful and your works are very fine.". I was soooo glad with I feel I am on paradise! A lot of miniature creator active on the web (include me) participated in this show, so other miniature creators and customers were interested us. 
Of course, I did failure too. :P Well, an European old woman picked up other creator's works to buy and she brought me it with keep silent. I thought she can't speak Japanese, so I spoke her poor English "it's not my works, the creator not on here now, I bring her, please wait for few minute." She nod with keep silent. Few minute later, I brought the creator, she explained her about works in Japanese, European old woman answered small voice Japanese very well! OMG! Why didn't she answer me in Japanese?!  I asked her in Japanese "you speak Japanese?" She..... nod and keep silent.... I said her in Japanese "Sorry, my English jar, right?" She answered nothing. I was ignored. :,-( Later, I tore my hair with shameful. I decided I never speak English to foreign customer in the show. hahaha... 

Angie Scarr had workshop and shop in this show. I heard her booth was very popular. I couldn't visit her booth. I didn't have enough time to visit all booths. uhmm... I regret. 

For two days, those were be my good experience. :)