Jul 8, 2014

Little room etc.

I was going to make simple display board, but after all I made a little room because can't stop my imagination.  I'm weak in making miniature stool, because I can't make an angle to legs well. At first, I had an idea that make wooden box to sit instead of stool. But I thought it need a stool in this room. So, I tried to make stool and I could. :) I found easy knack.

Oops! This photo is out of focus. hehe  Icing cookies.

It use a glass pitcher instead of cookie jar. This pitcher is a ready-made. I made a top.

I weaved a basket to carry a bear.

"I ride in!"


The table top of this table was display board. Almost display board I made has the image of the table. If put the legs of a  table, it be a miniature table. It looks little work table.