Feb 9, 2014

Heavy snow in Tokyo

Hello again! :)) This is my first post this year. 

 Tokyo, Japan has heavy snow Today. This is the heaviest snowfall we have had in fifteen years. The trains schedules has disrupted and cars accident happened on the road.

This is my apartment's gate. It can not open....

A door can not open smoothly... I may go out tomorrow. hahaha This state is very unusual in Tokyo!

OK. I start talk about miniature works. :) I will participate some exhibitions this year. I have prepared some works for those.

Tiny teddy bear. :)

This is a chest, but.... 

tiny teddy bear live in. I will put hinge on this.

Oh? some teddy bear heads gather the front of Colonel Muska, a character of "Castle in the sky" Japanese animation movie. What kind of a meeting?

I tried to make rabbit of drop ears. She seems cool lady. I put blusher on her nose.

Their face are different each other. 

Next! Cinnamon rolls. I tried to paint three type colors. I like center.

Spice cookies, bottle and mug. I guess good texture. :-9

Today's last one photo. I made square plate. I will prepare other colors.

Thanks. :)