Jul 18, 2013

Japanese sweet bread :-9

It's burning hot everyday in Japan. I'm limp with fatigue. X(  How is everyone?

Let me introduce about Japanese sweet bread "melon pan". I guess this is kind of Japanese traditional bread. This photo is real melon pan. The figure of melon pan is like a melon.  Cookie dough put on the bread dough, make line and baked.  Actuality some melon pan is not real melon flavor, it's lemon flavor. But a few years ago, melon pan was be popular, came boom. A lot of bakery developed delicious melon pan that use melon juice or melon cream inside of melon pan etc. This melon pan is yellow, but there are green version in some bakery. I like melon pan. :-9

Thank you for reading the explanation of melon pan. I go on to the main theme. hahaha

I made miniature melon pan by clay. :D I guess if I didn't explain about melon pan, other people except people live in Japan may don't understand this is bread.
And it appear pink melon pan in some bakery in April. The flavor is cherry blossom. Cherry blossom is April flower in Japan. :)

What am I doing? hehehe...


"I love melon pan!! I'm soooo happy!"

His arm is curve to hold melon pan.

He is hawker of melon pan. :) Melon pan cap is his uniform. :D

I had make other miniature. These are mugs like a enamel.  I will put on more other color on a light blue mug later.

This is cookie leaf figure. This is called "leaf pie" in Japan. The texture is crispy.
I will put on color after dry. I make a lot of leaf pies. sigh....