Nov 24, 2010

broken cup with plant

Sometimes I mistake copy work to miniature plate and cup etc. by resin. Then if it is possible to restoration by putty, I do it. But if it is difficult to restoration, those go to wastebasket. X( Other day, when I did copy work, I made a few bad cups. I was going to throw those to wastebasket, but I had an idea. It call broken cup and these cups might be able to be used as a plant pot.  I plant miniature ivy. I guess it is not bad. :)
And this time, I enlarged a hole than old cup in handle.

Ok, this is normal cup. I put illustration of cupcake on the cup.

I guess this design could use to real cup. :-)

Nov 11, 2010

Plants again and Rosemary

I made miniature plants again, but these size are little than the old plants.

And also, I made miniature rosemary. This photo is an image that see at a distance. It's nice looking. But...

Camera zoom in, ummm~~~ a little bit rough. Leaves and stem are out of balance.  Leaves are about 1mm width, stem made from wire to make art flower, I used so thin wire. If I hope more thin, I must to find the material with strength that more thick than a hair and more thin than a thread. I don't have an idea now. X( In addition the stem's color is right yellowish green, this color has swelling effect. (Does it say "swelling color" in English? I'm sorry, I couldn't find the word in dictionary. If somebody know better word, please teach me. :)) So... I guess that seem the stem is thick.

ummm~~~~ OK. It's good, no problem with see at a distance.
 I took some photos my real rosemary plants and observed a leaf figure.  I had tried three ways to make miniature rosemary. I chose making by clay (mixed clay "Grace" and "Hearty"). 

Nov 2, 2010

Christmas cookie (REAL)

I went to a cake shop. I found there some christmas cute cookies. :) There are Santa Claus, reindeer, angel and snow man. I chose a snow man. It's so lovely! I will display in the living room to best before.
I bought this that was charmed by his lovely smile, but I always am betrayed by smile design. I haven't ate delicious. :,-(
I thought that those cookies were made in the shop, but it's an import (Made in Vietnam). :0 Oh, some cake shop nowadays don't made these. I wonder if it will cost a deal.