Jun 24, 2010

Cotyledon and Focaccia

Tree cotyledons is growing in the planter of empty can. Normally it thin out seeding to leave only one when crowd together. But this is clay, no problem. :-)
I made miniature focaccia, topping rosemary.

Jun 23, 2010

Wood basket

I made miniature wood basket. The bottom of this basket is like a duckboard. I painted like a shabby. I may put something logo on the front.

I put some bread in the basket.

Jun 21, 2010

Frying pan

I got a lot of vigor and motivation at the wonderful exhibition of my illustration teacher. :-D I am full for making miniature now! So, I make a dollhouse and other one works the same time. 
This is a model of  miniature frying pan. I carved out  from stone clay board. I could show you colorful frying pan after a few days. 

I started to make a miniature oven. I have a hard time to put the plastic board together. But! I am full now! This work is nothing! ...but... a hot and high humidity summer already come in Japan... (I don't like this season :,-() I couldn't keep my great motivation for long time.... 

Jun 18, 2010

Mode city

I went to Aoyama, Tokyo, to see my illustration teacher's group exhibition. I come this city since a few years. I am a country bumpkin this day. LOL I also live in Tokyo, but Tokyo is very large and have the special wards. The special wards are 23 municipalities. A ward I live is never mode city. It like a... mix the suburb and the country. LOL 
A few illustrator's works are in the gallery. There are one subject to draw, and their works are based on the subject. I noticed again that various way to draw. I enjoyed! :-)) Someday, I'd like to make use of those ways or idea in my miniature. :D

I left the gallery,  I walked to Omotesando. There are a lot of mode and brand shops, for example, BURBERRY, Christian Dior and GUCCI etc. I am not interested them. So, pass!
There are a lot of zelkova trees lines both side of the this avenue. 
This is Omotesando Hills where was opened in 2006. There are over 100 famous brand shops in this building, and also residence. People live in this place are so rich!!
And, I walked to Harajuku. A lot of young people are there, recently, H&M and Forever 21 opened. I went to H&M. Well, I had have some doubt that the quality of clothes, because almost item cheap. I thought the quality and design is not bad than recent UNIQLO. A lot of item are sale, I found two clothes of my taste. But the size expression is not Japanese style. So I couldn't understand my size. I looked for the table of size and the mirror, I found just one small board table in the wide floor ):-( and also... the mirror is just one! in the wide floor. )):-( Unfortunately, one clothes is small to me and other was I didn't understand how to coordinate. I didn't buy nothing after all. If I have an opportunity to visit this city, I will go to this shop again.

Jun 14, 2010

Strawberry time and space

A works done. :D I decorated the mouth of a container with a ring cookie. It's be more cute impression, I guess.
Size: 6 cm wide, 3.6 cm deep, and 6 cm high.

Ok, I return to make a dollhouse, again. :-)

Jun 10, 2010

Tutorial ~planter and plant~

Thank you for waiting. :D :D
Today, I write about how to make miniature planter and plant,
and simple explanation of copy by silicon rubber.  
Well, I already have opened about how to making model and copy 
in my website. But those are in Japanese.
And I was requested that translation to English, 
but I had lost the opportunity. (I'm sorry!) 
So, I decided write new tutorial in strange English.
The planter size is about 1.5cm X 1.5cm.
OK! Here we go!

First,  make one board (thick about 1.5mm) and two half balls by stone clay.
One ball is a spare that a case of if failed. 
Next, cut half the half ball (become quarter), draw some lines on this, and carve with a cutter, sandpaper and sand sponge etc. 

These are my tools, design cutter and sand sponge. The sand sponge is very useful!

Make a part of back of planter. Draw your favorite design. I made a image of  basket. 
Draw lines and carve to the part of handle. 
Dig shallow to the inside planter. It's not need deep, because the plant not plant to the interior.  

After dug. And put a planter on back (handle).

Coat with foundation paint gray (surfacer). When put gray on this mold, it can find the  strange part in detailed. If found some trouble, correct or adjustment.
And the weak point of stone clay is fluffy in the face. So, file smooth by sand sponge. And coat with the surfacer again. The face will be smooth. 

Next step is take a silicon rubber mold. Work such like this photo, and coat with separated compound, and the silicon rubber pour in this box slowly, little by little and like a thread. Never pour a lot of silicon at once, it can not take detail mold.
It have made perfect silicon rubber mold. :D Coat with separated compound (for take out easily), and pour urethan resin in this mold. 
The copy done. Adjust shape by sandpaper etc. 
If you'd like to put on the wall, hole by router or drill etc.

How to make the texture like a terra cotta:
After coated with surfacer, put color by brush, after dry, put color by sponge, each  about 2 times. 

Well... I forgot take a photo that making plant. :,-(  
I explain in the simple drawing. 

This time, almost photos became bigger in one click. (Only last one is not bigger.) You could see more detail. Of course, there are a lot of way in the world. This is a part of a lot of way. I guess some people may already have done this work. And, this way can apply to make your favorite shape of dish, cup or frame etc. I hope today's post is helpful for your works.  

Thank you for reading long, long blog. :D And... if there are some not clear meaning sentence, please point out. I already had confused halfway. (@_@) 

Jun 8, 2010


I made miniature plant with beautiful leaves from resin clay. This plant's name is Chlorophytum comosum. (I can't memorize this name! X-()
I don't like making miniature plant. X-( I had run way from making miniature plant. But sometimes the plants is important to miniature works. So, I stopped run way. I respect for miniature plant makers. Their plants are very beautiful and delicate. Well... my plant is looks like wild, and actual these leaves are very thin but looks like thick that the cause of wild looking in this photo, I think.  :,-( But it's better than wither. ha-ha-ha 
I have practiced and studied making miniature plant. I'd like to improve.... 

I will have tutorial that how to make miniature planter on this blog in this week.

Jun 7, 2010

Ring cookie

I made miniature ring cookie with icing. It tied with thread. I guess it could express cutely with thread. Incidentally, blue icing hardly use to sweets in Japan, also blue cream etc. Because, blue to use food is color of decline appetite in Japan. ^_^;
But blue is colorful, so I use to my cookie.
I decorated with  strawberry, cream and maple syrup. 

Jun 4, 2010

Pancake again

I made miniature american style pancake.
I make simple decoration with strawberry and cream on this pancake.

I looked into pancake in the internet. I knew it is different in each countries.
We call "hot cake" and it's thick in Japan. And it's thin in North America, and European pancake is like a crepe. 
(Recently, there are some pancake cafe in Japan. So, thin style is famous in our life. :D  )

The noodles also is different in each countries, the food culture is very deep. :-o