Apr 23, 2012

Fantastic saturday

I was ultra busy to prepare our little exhibition with my miniature fellows at the gallery. And our little exhibition was on the last saturday. It was so exiting and great success! :)))))))
I will open a lot of photos on today's post. Please give me your free time a little. 

I created three dollhouses. "Tiny artist in the little atelier", "Red roof kitchen" and "Gallery and Books". I put those photos on flickr. If you have enough time, please check those there. ;-) 

Last one is Gallery and Books. A model of this dollhouse is gallery and books we used to our exhibition. This little gallery is second-hand books. 

Real gallery and books. :)

ta-dah~! with LED. 

We had publicity on each our web site, prepared DM and about our exhibition was on the exhibition information corner of news paper. :)))))

Our tiny show was just one day. We are sooooo glad! Because a lot of people came our tiny show! :,-D Gallery open time was from 12:00, but a few people already were waiting before open. OMG! 
It was crowded by a lot of people inside of little gallery for long time. 

I took some photos before open. At first I took photos by digital camera, but a buttery emptied out. X( I changed to camera of cellular phone. My hands were shaking by nervous. so.... almost photos are out of focus. :,-( 

Fusion old books and miniatures. How beautiful! 

This is my space. 

These works are my miniature fellows. :-) They are sooo talented! I love them. :)

This theme is halloween.

This is Christmas house. Lights of a christmas tree change some color.  Fantastic!

This light also is fantastic!

We thank for people that came our tiny show. :)))

And we learned and had experience a lot of things. Those are our treasure. 

Thank you so much reading and seeing long my post. :))) 

Next, I will participate in big miniature show this summer. I am be busy again. X0 

Apr 2, 2012

Food, cat and kettle

I made miniature Chinese food, steamed yeast bun with minced pork filling. This food call in Japanese "Niku man" or "Buta man". "Niku" meaning meat, "Buta" meaning pig and "Man" meaning steamed bun. This is very famous and popular Chinese food in Japan. We eat it in Winter, it is sold in the supermarket, department store and convenience store etc. Generally, we warm it in the home by steam pan etc. But in the convenience store is sold hot condition.
I found pretty pig design in the web, I made it. :D

I made some miniature food, gratin...

cauliflower and corn...

Oh! This is not food. lol I made miniature cats.

OK, this is last photo in today's post. Kettles. It can not open the lid. hehehe