Aug 31, 2009

Pumpkin soup

Miniature pumpkin soup. Some pieces of baguette are on the soup. I arrange a little bit more.

Aug 27, 2009


I show you how to make miniature curry. It's ratatouille style curry.
First, make the raised bottom by resin clay on the plate. Put many grain of rices that made from resin clay.

Make the raised bottom of curry by resin clay. Prepare liquid (colored with ocher ) made from resin clay, a little water and bond.
Put this liquid little by little on the clay and put some vegetables on this liquid. After dry, put the gel medium little (to show like a stew) and after dry again, varnish.

Aug 24, 2009


Miniature glass. I wrote a logo "cola" on the glass. Uh~ It doesn't see well in the photo, but, it see with the naked eye.

Aug 22, 2009


Everyday, hot! hot! hot~~~~!! I can't have the motivation to make miniature.... I only made the copy of miniature plates.

I bought new material. This is crystal resin2 -super clear-. This crystal resin can make very clear object.

Aug 13, 2009


Many cicada are barking in the outside for the summer season. Now, a cicada is barking in the my apartment's eaves. It is very noisy! I want to drive away the cicada. But I can't, because, sometime some cicada fry toward me! I'm afraid....(T_T) I hate the insect.

A model of miniature tart.

Aug 4, 2009

Model of plates

These are the model of miniature soup plate, glass and soup cup. The other day, I went to the restaurant of curry and soup. The restaurant served beautiful and modern design plates to the customer. I loved those. I made these miniature plates to the model from them.

By the way, I thought all foods is cooked in the kitchen, but the foods was served from retort packing. I was disappointed....

Aug 2, 2009


In Japanese summer season, the fireworks are held in various towns. The fireworks was held in my town, too. I can see it from my apartment's balcony every year. The wind was cold this year. My body got cold when the fireworks finished. But I hate muggy, so, it was just good!