Jan 25, 2013

Miniature teddy bears and radio

I have made miniature teddy bears. I will make some bears.

They are shorter than other bears I made in the past. Left side bear's mouth is awry.... This bear will be just exhibit.

Bear in the center is about 5.5cm, newcomers are about 4.5cm.

I made miniature radio like a nostalgic.

Nostalgic music coming from the radio?

Jan 17, 2013

Vintage car etc.

Hello again! How are you? :) I will start making miniature works from this week. :) 

I had made a plastic model, 1/24 scales. I started putting together cheerfully, but I am in a bad mood little by little and finally I got very angry because I could not assemble smoothly. hahaha 

But! I overcame some troubles and done. Ta-dah! :D

(Whoops! I mistook spelling! XP That's "for".)

I will use this car to 1/24 scales dollhouse world. 

And I have made some miniature articles to dollhouse 1/12 scales.

This is a mirror, little blackboard design.

I guess Japanese people like logo of foreign language, especially English, French and Italian. I like those logo too. :) So I put foreign language on the box etc. But I always am worried to choose words and sentence. When I use some sentence, I make sentence by myself and I search it in the web, the sentence is right or not.
This time I chose "TEA" simply. It's very easy. I don't need thinking. hehehe