Jun 27, 2013

Little report and miniature teddy bears

I participated miniature show on the other day. And Doll festival and Otaku festival opened same day in same building too.

This is my booth this year. I noticed about display. "Simple is best." hahaha.

The show had two days. I talked a lot of people. :) I enjoyed very much. But I was very tired on the day after show. I guess.... I was very merry. hahaha

I made some miniature teddy bear. Making bear is very hard, but I am very happy when it done.

Now I started making new bears. A bear on the right side looks like gentleman. Sorry, gentleman face. I need cute face to new works. So, I made other one (on the left side). I will give gentleman face other opportunity that appear in my works.

Done. :) His height is about 4.7cm. This fur is very soft to the touch. Therefore some parts slipped out of my hand a lot of times when I had sewed. And I like this color.

I have sewed other one now. Blue bear's nose is a little lower on his face, but this bear's nose is normal position. Good looking. :)

I updated some other photos on flicker. ;-)