Aug 29, 2012

A plastic model

I assembled a plastic model. This miniature car is Daihatsu Midget 1957 model, old Japanese car. It still extant a few cars in Japan but it's rare to see in the road etc.
I assembled miniature car quite a loooong time since I was child.

Color of real Midget is nostalgic feeling, but I wanted to paint girlish. :)

This car is 1/35 scale, I will use miniature Midget like this scene in 1/12 world .

I'm tired too, to assemble miniature Midget. hahaha

Aug 16, 2012

Intense heat

Japan is intense heat everyday. A lot of people are took to the hospital by hyperthermia in an ambulance. If worst comes to worst, it will die. Way of prevent hyperthermia is drink a lot of water or sports drink and do not work under the sun etc.

I drank a lot of water everyday, my stomach always is full and I feel my body is heavy...

I miss cool days...