Mar 28, 2011

Miniature again

I start open about miniature again. I have made some miniature food little by little. I must to make a lot of miniature works, because I participate in big miniature show in Tokyo this summer. I have participated in little exhibition on consignment, but this is my first participate in big show. I'm very nervous now (@_@), so my hands have shaken! Calm me! haha
Various events were canceled or restrained this month by influence of earthquake and consideration to victims. But this big miniature show will hold in this summer. And I will make dollhouse for exhibit (this is not for sale. just show.). I'm very busy now.

OK, I explain simply. This is model of Panini. I made this by Fimo soft. Sometimes I use Fimo soft to make model. This is like a steak or hamburger, it looks like delicious. :-9 hehehe

A lot of sandals. No! A lot of panini bread.

Finished! It looks like yummy. :-9 A represent of melted cheese is difficult. 

This is a miniature panini grill, not finish assembly yet. Oh, a cheese of panini on the grill melt too much.

Miniature toasted and sliced bread. There are few different color sliced bread, those are rye bread. I make miniature clubhouse sandwich.

Sliced tomato, cheese, ham and lettuce. Oops! I forgot make omelet! I must to prepare omelet.

Soup cups. There are different picture on both sides of cup.
Cup on the left side: biscuit (circle and square)
Cup on the right side: Smily logo and word "Bon appetit!"
I will open those on close-up after poured soup.

I feel happy to make miniature. I am thankful to this life. 

Mar 24, 2011

I will back to normal.

Thank you always for worrying, helping and praying for Japan. A lot of problem are occurring  by earthquake and tsunami. Everyone in all the country already know about radioactivity leaking in nuclear power plant, and there are crimes in the stricken area, thieves come from other city, steal money and goods from uninhabited house and debris, and a lot of relief supplies not supply to all evacuation center yet.

We know the dead and missing people increase day by day, we are depressed. But we hope and believe to survivors are found, because an old woman, 80 years old and her grandson, 16 years old were rescued on the ninth day in collapsed house. It might there are more other survivors.

umm.... I don't like to write about politic on my blog, but just a little. About radioactivity leaking and not supply to all evacuation center etc., I guess that the millions of Japanese people have uneasiness and doubt to governmental correspondence and their works are not smart. For example, they didn't permit to rescue to a part of foreign rescue team by silly reasons. (an episode, foreign doctor don't have Japanese medical license. So the Ministry of Health didn't permit them to do medical care in Japan. ):-( They permitted them now. ) Now Japanese government is the Democratic Party of Japan from last year, they created confusion in Japan since they got government. (besides the Japanese Prime Minister change frequently like a day duty since 2007.) We feel crisis to this government. This government will finish in this year. I hope it.

Now in some stricken area start revive little by little. I grieve for victims and  I will proceed to I always am worried and help for the people have serious.
I switch to better feeling. I guess it's good, because I (We) can help to people in stricken area by contribute, stop buy up and save electricity etc. by I am or we are fine. I will back to normal.
(Some people live in city increase have mental trouble, because are watching to terrible image everyday on TV, they feel worry and empathy.
Oh, I'm OK. I don't have problem. )

Thank you so much for reading, encouraging comments and with your heart for us.

Thanks a million from Japan.

Mar 18, 2011


Thank you so much for worrying, helping and praying about Japan. We are grateful for everyone of the world. 

Seventh day have passed from earthquake. Everyday it still quake frequently, but we are feeling sense of quake without quake. It's strange sense. It seems always on the boat,  train or bus. 

Everyone already know Japan has nuclear crisis now. Radioactivity leaked, therefore a lot of inhabitant live within a radius of 30 kilometers of nuclear power plant have to stay indoors, do not out. When they are out, have to protect and care, and within a radius of 20~30 kilometers of the plant have to take refuge from there. This radioactivity is small amount, does not have effects to Saitama and Tokyo at least. If your family, friend and acquaintance live near nuclear power plant in Fukushima, please advice them that listen to news with be careful. 
Relief supplies and oil can not arrive in a lot of stricken area in Fukushima by this accident. Drivers are afraid to radioactivity. And there are trouble by rumor. All area of Fukushima is not danger, just the area of nuclear power plant. But it is said that all area of Fukushima is danger by rumor. The northeastern area of Japan has more crisis. They can not receive enough relief supplies and oil by rumor and close to roads. 15 senior citizen died in a shelter without warm. 
Besides, each center of the city in eastern Japan are making serious cause of lack of relief supplies to stricken area. People buy up food and toilet paper and tissue by sense of crisis to earthquake.  Everyday and always is broadcasted a lot of terrible scenes of stricken area on TV. It make sense of crisis and fear. When I went to some supermarkets, it was empty all shelf of food. It is strange. We bought up, therefore food and paper to use relief supplies for stricken area are lacking. The government announced us please stop buy up, food and paper never lack. 
Disaster affect life of people live in eastern Japan. 

We got news in second day earthquake that a man died in California, he went to the beach to see tsunami.  Please listen if you live in near the beach. Please do not go to beach to see tsunami with curiosity, it's so danger. And when you hear waring about tsunami, please escape to hill  quickly.

There was warning to tsunami, but a part of millions of victims by tsunami in Fukushima and Miyagi didn't escape quickly, they were relax in house, because warning to tsunami always had. Those warning were not serious. Therefore it was their habit. And some people went backed home after tsunami, but tsunami attacked again in the city and a lot of people was dragged into the sea. 
If occurred disaster and if your house have trouble, please don't go back home at once.  

Thank you for reading and I'm sorry that I have wrote just about disaster, but I can not  write about other things now. I want to write about Japan crisis now as a Japanese  citizen and tell to the world. Informations I write get in newspaper, TV news and Internet in domestic. You might already knew a lot of informations on your country's newspaper or TV news, but I write information as a resident of Tokyo city and Japanese citizen. 

Please take care everyone too. I hope your happiness and calm day. 

Thanks a lot from Japan

Mar 13, 2011

Earthquake 2

Thank you so much for worrying about Japan. We are so glad.
The third day since earthquake. It still quake, but does not has many times. It's no problem at least in Tokyo. Pipelines, gas, water and electricity, are suppling to us in my town. It is no change, same daily life.
I went to supermarket this morning. It was so crowded with customer. Mainly, most of meats and vegetables were a little, because some means of transportation are stopping now. Especially, instant noodles were sellout. Everyone bought those to emergency provisions. Instant noodles seem to convenience and be emergency provisions, but this is just when can get boiling water. When the situation of  disaster will stop the pipelines to life, and can not make a fire, there is fear that case of gas is escaping.
Now, in some stricken area, a lot of victims can not arrive to a shelter and can not make a fire in the road or front of building destroyed by various reasons, some victims nibbled instant noodles without boiling water.
Most of shelters started distribution rice ball and bread to victims, and some shelters can make a fire are distributing hot soup. I grieve for victims...

This giant earthquake and tsunami made so fear and tragedy in the northeastern of Japan. Now missing people and the dead are exceed 2900... A lot of rescue teams are doing rescue operation now.

These photos from Newspaper.
A shelter in Fukushima.
People need help on the building.
Housings destroyed. 
A petrochemical complex fire and exploded.
Debris, cars and planes
Tsunami submerged the small city. 
69 countries and 5 regional organizations are offering to help to Japan now. Some countries's rescue teams arrived in stricken areas and are doing rescue operation. We are thankful for helps.

Japan has other terrible problem, there is fear that explosion of hydrogen in nuclear power plant in Fukushima. The government is announcing the Japanese nation that it's coping to the problem. umm....

Thanks a lot from Japan

Mar 11, 2011


Today, there was big earthquake registered 8.8 on the Richter scale and tsunami in Sendai, the northeastern area, Japan, and there are missing people, the dead and the  injured. There also was big earthquake in Tokyo. Dishes and things flew out from shelves in my house. I was fear.
The center of Tokyo and other city has big trouble in transportation. Trains has stopped now. Millions of people can not go back home by train. Fortunately, I was at home today.

I am fine, and also my family and friends are fine.
It still has earthquake frequently now. I feel bad, like a seasickness.  

Mar 10, 2011

Cuff bracelet

I have enjoyed net window shopping. :) I found some cuff bracelets on Etsy. Those are simple design, but wonderful! I love it! I had an idea that order it, but almost handmade cuff bracelets are custom-made (put some word customer's favorite). It can not return articles, if the size is not fit on my wrist. So... I decided I make it myself! But, before I start, I studied in the web and book stores (reading at a bookstore) about how to make cuff bracelet by silver, what kind of tools need and how much cost to make.
Fortunately, I could buy cheap metal stamp in Amazon, and I could make three bracelets easily from one silver thin bar. Besides, I already have various tools to make miniature food and dollhouse. I can use them to make cuff bracelet. Anyway, it's economic. :))

This is my first handmade silver cuff bracelet! I oxidized silver cuff.
OK... it has a few problem (second "S" is upside-down :P) but could make good for first time. hehehe  I was uneasiness when I hit words on the silver bar, because it can not failure. It need more practice to good.

I found new hobby. :))) I enjoy to hit the word on the metal or silver. I want to cute design stamp, so I ordered another metal stamp in the web shop of United State. :) I couldn't find cute design metal stamps for metal in Japan. (There are metal stamps for leather. ) Besides, there are not unique alphabet font in Japan, simple only. ):-(  Now, I am worrying to buy unique alphabet font or not. ummm....

Mar 6, 2011

The girlish life.

Done! :D

I like this photo, and...

this photo, too. :))

I made miniature brownie. I love this sweets. :-9

Thank you for looking! ;-)