Jun 30, 2014

Finished event and to next new event :)

Last week, I participated Tokyo international miniature show. It opened for two days, Saturday and Sunday. June is the rainy season in Japan. A lot of dealers were afraid of that the people may not visits a lot in the show, but a lot of people visited against expectations. This is my booth. I'm worried about display every year....

I bought a little shelf like a stairs in the shop. It seems to an honor platform. :) Popularity rating is like this. No.1 is white bear, 2 is light gray bunny etc.
I open other works photos on flickr.

This doll house is an exhibit.

And I ordered some notes and post cards to a printer and I sold in the exhibition. :) Those are very lovely.

I'm still busy. I will participate teddy bear event on July. I will sew more miniature teddy bears. 
And I have an accident. My camera lens to close-up broken. OMG! This is very important to me! I can't take photos beautiful without this lens. I sent my lens for repair. It will return after about two weeks. sigh... 

This photo is by iPhone. hmm.... I don't like.