Jun 30, 2009

Miniature white bear

I made a miniature white bear by needle felting. I never stabbed a my finger this time. I think I could make perfect arms and legs. Always, I can't make to symmetry to arms and legs. This bear is female. She has a big nose but she is pretty. She is going to wear an apron. She height is about 6 cm and sitting about 4.2 cm.

I show you how to make this bear.

Make a big ball for head and a small ball for mouth. And a small ball put on the big ball.
This figure like a lady of back figure.
Total time: about one hour.

Check the position for ears by marking pins. Like a robot's antenna.
Making time for ears: about 30 min. Put on the head: about 10 min.

*Head and face
Adjust head and face, put on eyes, nose and mouth. The head is completed.
Adjust time: about one hour. All total time to here, about 2 hours.

Make a body about one hour. The head put on the body with keep by marking pin.

*Head + body
Adjust them and completed.
Adjust time to the head and body: about one hour.

*Arms and legs.
Time of making to arms: about 30 min. Time of making to legs: about one hour.
I don't like work to make ears and legs. Those are very difficult for me~! And I can't make to symmetry, so, I make to ears, arms and legs on progress simultaneously to carefully.
(At this time, I am tired. So, the work is over the next day.)

And adjust to the hands and foots for 30 min. The arms and legs put on the body.

Total making time: 6 hours 50 min.

Jun 25, 2009

Miniature Bear

I made a miniature white bear by needle felting. He is a sturdy. His name is....Gonzarez!
Well... he is different to my hope. He is a bad balance. Why is he this style. Because I was making this while watching TV.(^_^; I didn't concentrate to make a bear. Besides I stabbed a my finger hard. Hahaha....

Jun 23, 2009

Mixed Kitchen

There are many lovely goods & sweets on the stand(desk). If you'd like to see more photo, please check here!

Jun 21, 2009


Miniature hanger. Maybe you feel the direction of hook is strange. It's OK for the convenience of the decoration. This hanger is be a towel rack.

I put a tag on the container.

Jun 19, 2009


Miniature aluminum spoon. This is a dinner spoon to increase the size by twelve.

Miniature enamel spoon. This made from aluminum plate.

Jun 18, 2009

Cutting board

A cake is put on this board. I add an illustration to this board later.

Jun 17, 2009


I'm going to display some goods in this shelf. I enjoy this work!

Jun 16, 2009

Muffin and cup cake.

Miniature muffin and cup cake. I wanted to represent to stick the paper on the cake. Do you seem the paper are sticking on the cake?

I was thinking to how to make this cake from few month ago. I tried to some methods, but I failed.(T_T)
I am happy to success this time.

Jun 13, 2009


Miniature pumpkin madeleine. I received a advice that "this container is looks like a pumpkin. So, if something put in to the container, how about some pumpkin sweets?" Thanks for good advice!

Brandy cake

I bought a brandy cake in Shiseido parlor in Ginza Japan. This shop's cake is delicious. And the box and rapping paper are beautiful! When open the wrapping paper, European or Americans tear the rapping paper open, isn't it? Almost Japanese do not tear. We open carefully. Because for recycle or reuse. In my case, I do reuse to book cover.

Jun 9, 2009

What is this?

What is this? What kind of part is this? I would show you perfect figure few days later.

Jun 8, 2009

Bag for baguette

Miniature bread keeper.

Miniature vintage bottle.

Jun 6, 2009

Little bag

I sewed a little bag. My bag inside is always confusion(^_^;. My bag inside will arrange by this little bag.

I had not sewed for a long time. My intuition become dull and I mistook a little...

Jun 3, 2009

Craft punch

I bought a craft punch of pattern of stamp. I tried punch to photo of mail‐order catalog. I am an enjoyable! What a very cute!

Punch! Punch! Punch! Many punch!

I had a good shopping!

Jun 1, 2009


A miniature wood box. I made hole in the box for hold.

A miniature shelf. Back side is the mesh of a net of stainless steel. Maybe the inside of shelf will be light a little. I painted to the rusted feeling to net.