May 31, 2010

Meringue & open star decorating tip

I made miniature meringue that made from resin clay (air dry clay).
I put brown on the meringue. And I made about 200 meringues included practice one by one by miniature open star decorating tip.
I made miniature open star decorating tip too. I had investigated about how to make tip for a few days. I tried wring for cream that made from resin clay. There are fine lines. :D
I opened my way of making an open star decorating tip. 
First, prepare a wood stick sharpened by pencil sharpener, and make a few lines by chisel.  

And covered the wood stick with the epoxy putty (*1), and press for make lines on the epoxy putty , and the stick separate from putty gently and dry a few hour. 

After dried, cut the tip a little, arrange to conic shape. And same way actual to wring cream. After used, wash by water and wipe with a cloth. This tip could use a few times. 

The cream was made from resin clay "Grace" and "Hearty". Each mix, put in color and a few drops of water, and mix again to like a cream in the little cup etc. If it is too soft, there are not some lines on the cream, but if it is hard a little, the cream couldn't treat easily, besides fingers would became painful. The adjustment is difficult!   

I will improve more this tip. 

Thank you for reading!

May 27, 2010

Strawberry cakes

I made miniature strawberry cake. I made a lot of strawberries one by one. I wouldn't like to make this work for some time. :-( I'm tired. LOL
I found a cute cake in the web when I was looking for model of miniature cake. So I modeled this on the cake that found in the web.
Recently, the style of this cake is called "scoop cake" in Japan. Why it is called so. Because take the cake by the cake scoop.
(When I researched "scoop cake" in the web, I couldn't find this name in other country. I have thought that this name is used only Japan. If I am wrong, please point out.)
And I also made other strawberry cake, mille-feuille cake. My fingers shook when I decorated whipped cream and custard cream on the pie. ha-ha-ha
Well... in my actual life, I don't like whipped cream. :-( I can't eat many. But I can eat  cream of chocolate taste. 

The cake with whipped cream can model to make miniature cake. It look nice and cute. :-)

May 24, 2010

About grammar

I think the English grammar is very difficult! X(
The grammar of Japanese language and English are very different, also the pronunciation.
For example...

     I    study    English
     I    eat   dinner     at the French restaurant

change the Japanese grammar:

     I    English    study.
     I    at the French restaurant   dinner   eat.

In the case of Japanese grammar, the verb is in last of sentence. And I guess we don't understand perfectly how to use article "the" and "a". Everyone may already have noticed this problem in my blog. LOL
And there are not tense in Japanese language.
For example,

My aunt lives in Tokyo. (present tense)
My aunt has lived in Tokyo. (present perfect tense)

Translate to Japanese, each same mean to us. The present tense and present perfect tense are same in Japanese. We translate in present tense.
I am still in confusion about tense. @_@

May 20, 2010


I made miniature container of pancake design.

The capacity never large....

May 18, 2010


I made miniature plate to display cake or fruit.
This plate is about 2.2cm in diameter, and was made from urethane resin.

May 15, 2010

My drawing

My drawing return after little exhibition of illustration class of adult education center. 
Wow! Beginner's drawing looks like cool with frame!
Good job! The power of frame! :-D

When I had drew this, I chuckled. Because then I was wearing same her pink turtleneck shirt too. And my hairstyle look like her. (But my hair color is black.)   I was worried if somebody notice about this, I may am laughed!
Fortunately, nobody notice it. It was good!
I never wore pink turtleneck shirt until I finish drawing.

This photo already opened on my blog, but let me open again.
I made this works from an image of the drawing. :)

May 11, 2010

Wall and window

I put wall and window on the left side of dollhouse. First, I was going to put the wall on the left side all. But it feel very narrow and dark inside of house. So the wall is half.
And put two lines on the kitchen wall.
I put little paper on the sink to protect from dust. Because dust may go into the strainer. But I tilt this house to assemble many times. The paper fall frequently... :-(

May 7, 2010


I went to the exhibition "SNOOPY HAPPY PARTY ~Celebrate Peanuts 60~".

This picture is made by a lot of Peanuts cartoon. My favorite character of Peanuts is Peppermint Patty. :-)


I didn't put comment on my blog. Because I couldn't smart comment. But some people request me to put comment. I feel very glad about this request. :-)) So, I decided put comment on my blog. My English is poor. Sometimes (or many time? :P) I may write strange sentence and misunderstanding comment. Then, please forgive me laughingly.

Thank you.

May 6, 2010

Tile 2

I put some color on tile, I pasted this on the wall of dollhouse.

I made miniature drawer pull.

And at the same time, I also made mold of miniature plate and container, and I am making silicon rubber mold now. But unfortunately, it couldn't succeed. :'-( Because the silicon rubber was strange conditions. Many air bubble are into the silicon rubber. This is not good finishing. It is a expiration of the time limit using or old? No idea~! ...I will retry it. wah~!

May 3, 2010


Now, Japan have Golden week from last weekend to this week. A lot of people go to travel, amusement park or to return to parents' home etc. Many tourist spots are very crowded in this season. X( So, I spend at home. Today, I went cycling. I ran long long way. I pedaled too much. My legs are painful~!

Ok, I change talk. I make tile by stone clay. The clay spread like a board, and make groove by aluminum ruler. And dry it for 2 or 3 days.

Arrange by sandpaper, and put synthetic resin paint on this. I will put other color on some tile.