Aug 29, 2013

It's burning hot!

About 2~3 weeks ago, the temperature of Tokyo was about 40 degrees. Crazy temperature!  I had passed with an air conditioner every day.  An electric bill of my house was crazy cost too. sigh...

I have made some miniatures little by little.

biscuit, fish cookies and leaf pie.

This is ornament. The subject is sewing.

It seems enamel plate and cup.

Wooden plate and spoon.

A bag. This is made from clay etc.

 I have made a hawker of Melon pan. :) He put melon pan into the car.

A hand bell. His working tool. Of course, it can not sound because this is miniature.

The handle is made from toothpick.

This is ornament. The subject is a bird house.

I have a lot of photos today. :) I made miniature suitcase. This suitcase can open and close. But, it can not close smoothly... So, I decided to fix the open condition.
 The handle can move a little. 

Girlish shoulder bag. 

Oh. I have to make to Halloween. At first, I started make a pumpkin lantern. Shaped  a pumpkin from clay....

carved face, star and moon and hollow out by cutter etc.

painted. I will put LED into the lantern.

Last two photos. Pumpkin pies and...


Thank you for seeing a lot of photos. :)) And take care for your health!