Feb 17, 2012

Work, work, work

I have made some miniature things for a dollhouse. These are photos to put on the wall. I like Wallace and Gromit. :) There are a lot of photos on the wall in their house. I followed that. :) But it's few in my dollhouse. hahaha

This chest is not to the dollhouse. I made mold of bowl and container.

After a few days, I put color as shabby on the chest.

The dollhouse of box type done about 90% now, at the same time, I started make new dollhouse. This dollhouse is half pipe type. I put tiles on the roof. I felt dizzy when I put it, because this is very colorful and scaled pattern. My sight was be strange. (@_@)

The inside of the new dollhouse. Surface of a kitchen counter is as a tile, drawers are fake, can not open. I don't have enough time now, I can't make open type. I am so busy for one reason now. ;-)

Feb 7, 2012

Art on the little desk.

I guess a resident in this house is clay artist and loves sea.  It seems that it is on paint. :)

I made wave under the little ship, but it seems sea anemone. I made detail too much. And the desk is too clean, it should has dirty on the desk. But I don't want to dirty it. ummm~, OK. I will spread dirty paper on the desk, and put tiny arts on it. 

Feb 4, 2012


he he he. I made mysterious eggs by clay. I drew an arabesque design on the face of eggs, but I drew it too much. It can not see egg. X( So, I put as a name tag beside eggs. This year in Japan is the year of the Dragon. I decided that these are dragon's eggs. :)

I made miniature books. These can not open, just form. All title are Japanese, some titles are strange. :-P Especially three books, covers are cupcake, are very strange. "Cupcake murder case" ....probably this is mystery novel. lol Besides there are from the first to the third volume. I want to know how story.
(I was very tired when I was making book covers in PC. I was very careless about titles. )

I arranged books on the miniature bookshelf.

Feb 1, 2012

living in the drawer

Ta-dah~! :D The toadstools and the flowers are living in the drawer. Flowers has three-dimentional nose and mouth on their face. By the way, flower is "hana" in Japanese and nose also "hana". So, they has "hana" on the face, because they are "hana". ...This is a dull joke. :-P (But each Kanji are different.)

and miniature broom. This is small but a little heavy. 

I made miniature chair before a few month, I painted at last. This chair made from resin cast, it's a little heavy too. I will make other design chair later, because I felt that I don't like some detail after done. 

I put illustrations on the outside walls. I could perfect this time! :) I always fail when put paper on the board of the same size as paper. :,-(

Well... I may don't use this decoration, curtains and like a signboard, because it can't see inside by this decoration. ):-( This decoration is removable. This dollhouse have a situation like a theater. I want to use just a signboard, because it's colorful. It will looks very nice to this box type. I have a plan that put it on the back wall.