Mar 30, 2013

Oink! Oink!

Let's save! :D
I will make a hammer later. 

This is retro stove. I make girlish design. :)

Done! This is little kitchen to miniature teddy bear. Small articles are about 1/12 scale, but height of wall and table etc. are a little low. 

 Girlish! :). Doors are fake, those can't open.

This is to miniature teddy bears too. This scene is outside the front door.

A doorbell is mushroom design. This can't sound and action. (^_^; I glued fast.

I have made these works to big art event I participate in May. I don't have enough time. X( I'm hasty!

Mar 20, 2013


I made some miniature food. :-9 Roast chicken leg with baked potato and dressed boiled carrot with butter.

pound cake and bread.

German bread. I know this bread's name, but I don't understand how spell that in German. And this bread is called "Heidi's white bread" in Japan. The Heidi's story is very famous in Japan.

Pans of design of pumpkin and tomato. I may don't make pan of tomato again, because It's very hard painting to lid.

Almost my miniature works are about 1/12 scale, but this is 1/6 scale. I made blueberry juice's bottle at a web shop's, import and sell of juice, request.  I first made use of real label to my miniature works. That's cool use real label! hahaha

On the cap. :D

I drank this blueberry juice. Of course, real juice. It's very nice! :-9