Nov 29, 2012


Done Christmas miniature works! :))

Rabbit boy in Holy night.

There is LED inside a lampshade of toadstool, change a few colors. I love Santa Craus's boots and tiny cap on the left side of logo.  

He seems "I'm nervous when take photos."

With special big muffin to Christmas. :D

He is about 5.4 cm tall.

Simple Christmas scene. I made miniature berries cake that I referred to a catalog.

"How many characters are inside me?" ha-ha-ha

It seems warming boots. :)

I made a decayed leather shoe other day. This is continuation. I put plant on the shoe. What kind of plant is this? I don't know. hehehe :P  

Young leaves appear from a tip of shoe.

 If something decay, it will revival to change the figure again...

uhmmm~, I'm sorry, I want to write philosophically or poet, but I can't writing well like that in English. (T_T)