Sep 12, 2012

Pumpkin, witch things etc.

I have mede halloween miniature. :) First, pumpkins! I will fit up with LED into the big pumpkin on the right side. I made holes 360 degrees on this pumpkin, because I want to make a lot of light from inside of pumpkin. If hole form is Jack-o'-Lantern, it can't make a lot of light.  (^_^;

Witch things, a corn-shaped hat, bloom and leather shoes. The tip of toe of leather shoes are not corn-shaped. I like chubby shape.

Fly! Go! Go! hahaha~

Door and stone pavement.

A magic wand. This wand must always with witch hat and bloom, because if only  wand put on the table etc, it will not understand what this is.

And today's last! Good expanded muffins. Baking powder did good job?! haha