Dec 28, 2013

Have a nice winter vacation!

Thank you for visiting my blog this year. I'm so happy! :)) 

I wish your happiness 2014! 

Thank you! :)))

Nov 28, 2013

Miniature cookies, bears, bag etc.

I made miniature ginger cookies by air dry clay. The design is socks and boots. I guess the texture and the looks are good. :)

And I put icing on the cookies. It's simple style.

Sponge cakes too.

Some cookies are on the big tree icing cookie in the miniature world. :D

This is hand bell. I had a plan that I put on the board, but there is enough space.... So I decided to hung on the wall.  

Above miniatures gather and done! That's Christmas image. 

OK, next! I have thought and tried new face miniature teddy bear. This is a trial. Bear's eyes are my handmade, because this type eyes with iris and pupil are not sold in the shop etc. besides it's very small. So I have to make by myself.
I understood how improve.

The second trial. Good! It's better! It will be like a Wolverine, X-MEN, if ruffled teddy bear's hair. hahaha

This is other pattern I made. It seems urchin face. :D

I made other miniatures. :) This is a suitcase, it can't open and close.

And this bag too.

Today's last one photo. I have some idea to make new dollhouse now. The theme is...Pie! I started to that little by little. 

Oct 24, 2013

It was still hot in early October in Japan but Autumn gradually ripened in this week. :)

I show you my new works. :) And I opened those on flicker.

"I go to a trip with my friend. :)"

Olive soap and Linen water etc. 

A lot of lovely things! 

I have a lot of cloths to miniature teddy bear, but I don't use those yet. ^_^; 
At last I used one cloth of those. (height: about 4.7 cm  Choker: crystal)

This is for Christmas. (height: about 3.3 cm  Choker: crystal, swarovski )

I have made a little room to miniature teddy bear. I painted rough on the wall. The back side of shelf is mesh. 

A lot of honey dripped on the toast. :-9

Oh! I feel sweet taste in my mouth. 

Sep 15, 2013

TOKYO 2020

The Olympic Games 2020 will be held in Tokyo, Japan! :D This is second times in Tokyo, it was since 1964! I didn't idea that the olympic games has again in Japan!
 It was talked about this event on all TV show last week. I hope Japanese business is look up by effect of The Olympic Games.

 I wander what I am doing after seven years...?

OK, I start talk about my miniature works. :)
I make a map. I painted simply.

A novel too, and snacks. :) Oh! It can't see a novel well.

Books. I like those covers design. :) I'm sorry, those can't open and close. hehehe

I make a choker to miniature teddy bear. I put a carved seal of leaf on a stainless steel board and work like a oxidized silver.

LED put on the pumpkin lantern. He is funny face. :D

I will open other shot photos later. This is a part of some photos.

It see from side. It seems a manly figure.

Sep 3, 2013

Tiny teddy bear

I made tiny teddy bear. :) His height is about 3.3 cm.

I made other type. Position of ears are different each other. So the impression also is different.

Sep 2, 2013

Walk Tokyo

I went to Meiji Jingu Shrine. Meiji Jingu is in near Harajuku, fashion city, in Tokyo. I arrived in the evening. I don't have enough time to see Shrine. So I just went to Meiji Jingu Garden. But I don't have enough time to walk in the garden, because this garden close at 5:00. I entered at 4:20. ^_^;  

The enter of Meiji Jingu. There are some big tori (a gateway of Shinto shrine).

There are million of trees. I felt cool. :)

You can see three family crest.  This is the Japanese Imperial Household's crest. It's chrysanthemum.  

I entered Meiji garden. I seem in the forest in the mountain. Unbelievable! I didn't think I am in city.

This is a tea house.

I found a green acorn. :) It's beautiful state. I saw a green acorn for the first time.

This pond is not clear.... It's muddy water.

This place is an iris garden. Not iris season now.

This is a small arbor.

I went out from the garden. I found interest buildings. :D This is a public lavatory. Japanese old building style.

A roof of public telephone is a design of roof of shrine. This is very interesting to Japanese people. :D

Aug 29, 2013

It's burning hot!

About 2~3 weeks ago, the temperature of Tokyo was about 40 degrees. Crazy temperature!  I had passed with an air conditioner every day.  An electric bill of my house was crazy cost too. sigh...

I have made some miniatures little by little.

biscuit, fish cookies and leaf pie.

This is ornament. The subject is sewing.

It seems enamel plate and cup.

Wooden plate and spoon.

A bag. This is made from clay etc.

 I have made a hawker of Melon pan. :) He put melon pan into the car.

A hand bell. His working tool. Of course, it can not sound because this is miniature.

The handle is made from toothpick.

This is ornament. The subject is a bird house.

I have a lot of photos today. :) I made miniature suitcase. This suitcase can open and close. But, it can not close smoothly... So, I decided to fix the open condition.
 The handle can move a little. 

Girlish shoulder bag. 

Oh. I have to make to Halloween. At first, I started make a pumpkin lantern. Shaped  a pumpkin from clay....

carved face, star and moon and hollow out by cutter etc.

painted. I will put LED into the lantern.

Last two photos. Pumpkin pies and...


Thank you for seeing a lot of photos. :)) And take care for your health!