Dec 29, 2009

Thank you so much!

Thank you for visit my website and blog in this year. And, Thank you for sending me e-mail! I'm very glad!
My blog and website rest from today to the beginning of next January.

See you next year!

This snowman is Japanese style. Japanese snowman is two ball. This snowman put "Kagami-mochi" (round rice cakes offered to the gods at New Year's) on his head. :D And this kanji "福" meaning is happiness and good luck.

Japanese wreath

This is Japanese wreath for new year. Kanji at the center meaning is welcome new year.
It is said that this wreath call happiness into the house and guard from misfortune.

Dec 26, 2009

Copy, copy, copy...

I have copied a lot of miniature plates etc. since last week.

The silicon mold change color that use with resin.

Dec 22, 2009


I put color on the miniature decoration bread. The design is rose and a bunch of grapes.

Dec 17, 2009

Decoration bread

I made miniature decoration bread that made from resin clay. I put color on this bread after dry.

Dec 16, 2009

Displays part.2

Display board to put the miniature food and goods.

I am making models of miniature plate etc. now. I'm busy, busy, busy~.

Dec 9, 2009


Model of miniature café au lait bowl and milk pan.

Nov 30, 2009


I take a part in domestic exhibition to next year. Now I make a lot of miniature display to put the miniature food and goods.

Nov 29, 2009

Biscuit, Biscuit

I love biscuit design! I found cute biscuit design and I bought it. This made from cow leather.
(By the way, I don't know how to say this goods in English. We usually call "strap". I looked for it in internet, I found "Mobile phone charms" or "Cell phone charms". Our Japanese use this that put on cell phone. And we also put this on bags, pouch and keys. But I got know there are not this custom in other country. )

The other biscuit design. I made a cushion cover.

I found this cloth in the advertisement of dressmaker's shop for few years ago. But then, this cloth already sold out. I asked to clerk a favor of when this cloth arrive again, call me, please. But they said that they can't it, because Arrival of goods is undecided. So, I went to the shop every weeks, finally, I could get this cloth.

I bought new cushion. I used this cloth for new cushion.
What a cute!! Oh! I can't use this cushion, because it still is clean! I want to cover more one. Hahaha~.

Nov 28, 2009

My friend's dog

I visited to my friend's home. She has a dog (female). Dog's name is MOMO. Oh! Sexy pose?! Hahaha! She pose like this when a room is snug. A Japanese cushion under her had used her owner. But deprived of her. :D And Kotatsu was on the red rug, but MOMO always went into the Kotatsu. My friend afraid of her dog don't get active. So, my friend took away it from there. Ah~! Poor her dog! But she always loves and take care to her.

When I went out room, I forgot say "goodbye" to MOMO. I returned to room and when I pated her head, she tried to bite my hand! I was so surprised! Then, I thought I did some bad things to her? and I asked to my friend "What?! What happened?!" She told me "MOMO is very glad because you backed again. She fawn you". I don't know dog's action. So, I was really surprised! This dog is very gentle dog. She never get angry when I touch and massage her much. This was first time that she fawned me. I sweated by nervous. LOL

I visited to my friend's home by train. She took me to her near station by her car. I really thank her! The road that front of her house was traffic jam. We couldn't go into the line of the cars, but one kindly driver beckoned us front of his car. My friend blew the car horn with soft to thanks him. Then, a junior high school student girl was walking just front our car. She was mistaken that the car horn is attention to her, she glared us and walked very slowly on purpose front of us. I said to my friend "Run over her. Do it!" :P She smiled. Of course, she never do it. Yes, she is right. I'm not good woman. :P

She and I were classmates of junior high school and high school.

Nov 23, 2009


One of my friends have worries that she doesn't has hobby. I recommended her various things (for example, reading, watching movie and TV, playing video game, sawing and sports etc.). But she can not to do those, because she has eyestrain. She can not use her eyes for long time.
When I started to needle felting, I thought that she will can do this work. This work just stick! So, I recommended her this hobby. Then she asked me "What is needle felting?" Oh... I had to explain her about this from first step... X( I explained her, but she couldn't understand well. So, I made mascot by needle felting to explain and gift for her. She was very glad and admire when received this. (Ah~ she can't do beads work. She tried beads work for few years ago. But she doesn't last long. )

And if do more work, can this bear! This is just show her. :P

She was admire but she wasn't interest to needle felting. The recommended things is difficult...

Nov 15, 2009

Autumn's sweets

Miniature chiffon cake, cookies, cinnamon roll cake and sweet potato tart.

Now season in Japan is autumn. I made this works that autumn image.

Nov 12, 2009


I made miniature fork made from aluminum board. I tried hard work! A fork of leftmost side is good model that it was success in the first time. (I did a lot of failures until succeeding.) But this is not perfect. Because, there are deep scratch in this. Oh! No!
So I use other fork to the plate of chiffon cake.

Nov 9, 2009

Chiffon cake etc.

Miniature cup cake that like a cinnabon.

A piece of miniature chiffon cake with whipping cream, mint leaf and raspberry.

These are like delicious! :-)

Nov 8, 2009

Lemon cake

I baked the lemon cake. I love this cake! This cake is coating by white chocolate with lemon flavor . Of course, this cake is sold by the shop. But I can't find this cake in my town and the suburbs of my town. I often can eat it when my family went to the provinces and bought it for me.

My cake is very good! I speak very highly of my cake! :-) :P I think the taste is very near to cake sold in the shop. Once, I had checked raw material that was written in the package. I put some materials that suitable quantity into the recipe of sponge cake. I should adjust it a little.

But... Frankly, I think... it is earlier and easy to buy in the shop. LOL

Nov 5, 2009


Sometimes, I use oil paints when I put the color on the board. I put oil paints a little on the cloth and paint. And dry for about four days. (Drying is different each oil paints color.) After dried, file a little and put clear color.


Sometimes, I receive some e-mail from oversea. (Of course, national, too. ) It is very glad to me! Thanks! The other day, I got a new friend! She also make miniature food. Her name is SNOWFERN.
She is very courteous and hard worker! I'm very impressed by her works! She try to various ways to make miniature food and goods. She show us about her investigation result in her blog. I think this is very good reference for the person making miniature. Please look her blog!

I'm very glad! I thank her for everything! And I thank for the civilized world. If the internet doesn't in this world, we wouldn't see many people's works and wouldn't know great technique and can't exchange information with other person.

Thank you, SNOWFERN! ;-) I wrote about you in my Japanese blog. Please try to read it! hee-hee.
(It may be that it is difficult a little.) Sukoshi muzukashii desu.

Oct 28, 2009

Chiffon cake Part.2

Miniature Chiffon cake made from resin clay. Oh! The picture is not sharply focused. (I'm sleepy. I want to go to bed at once... I took a picture hastily. :-( ) I will show you good picture later on. I'm sorry!

First, I was going to make just the body of Chiffon cake. But, the characteristic of this cake is swell surface by baked. It's needs. And it shows the bottom when I put this slice on the dish. If the bottom of slice is flat, I feel strange. So, I made with the surface of bottom. This burn's color is like a bread. I make a modification on the burn.

I'm going to decorate the cream on Chiffon cake.

Oct 27, 2009

Big smile

I found a lovely smile cake in the cake shop.

The taste is so sweet. I think that the cake had better refrain from sweetness. I was deceived for his smile. :(

Oct 24, 2009

Sweet potato cake

I make a miniature sweet potato cake. Usually, the form is like a oblong dome. But this time, I made another style. I use an icing tube. I have to make miniature icing tube. I made it from blade with the plastic wrap's box. This is famous way to make the miniature icing tube in Japan. Oh! The blade looks thick with the photograph. It looks thin in the naked eye.

Good! The line is large a little. But this is Ok. I need lines for the sweet potato's paste. Of course, this is about resin clay.

I decorate this paste on the tart, prepared particularly. After clay dried, I put burn with color. Uh~, each are different size delicately.

Oct 19, 2009

Chiffon cake

I'm making a mold of miniature chiffon cake by stone clay, now. I want to express chiffon cake's surface well.

Oct 13, 2009

Confectionery for the giant?

I put my miniature works on my palm.

These confectioneries are too many to us eating at a time, but it's insufficient for the giant. :-)

Oct 8, 2009

Crème brûlée

Miniature Crème brûlée. French sweets. This is famous sweets in Japan, too. I love this!
The tart dish is about 1.5cm in diameter. The raspberry is about 3mm.

This is side view of girl's head container.

The back of the head. She has unruly hair.

Oct 5, 2009

Gato negro

I draw a black cat by PC. I printed to the seal of transcription and put the seal on the chopping board. Another cat is like a sitting on the wall.

Oct 4, 2009

Pretty container

Miniature container. I painted color to these. A center girl is like an animation's character.

Miniature container of cupcake. A right side, cream's color is pink. The image is strawberry cream.

Oct 2, 2009

Chopping board

Miniature chopping board with little legs and a table knife.

Miniature poundcake with wrapping. This was hard work to wrap and tie with a ribbon(thread), because the wrapping was very slippery.

Oct 1, 2009


The other day, I baked pancake. I usually had used pancake mix. But this time I baked from flour, sugar, milk and egg by myself. It was gooooood taste! I love it! This pancake will be regular in my menu.

By the way, a pancake is called 'Hot cake' in Japan.

Sep 26, 2009


Some slice of miniature pound cake. I processed to the surface of pound cake's slice to seem sponge.

Something is on the container of reproduction.

I retried making wire basket. (I don't like this work...) I had many practice making basket. And, I made many wreckage too...

This is the success goods.

Sep 24, 2009


I cooked carbonara to the lunch. In Japan, use fresh cream when cook carbonara. The taste is rich. I put the mushroom in pasta.

Sep 23, 2009

American cookie

Miniature american cookie.

I always feel American cookie is very big than Japanese cookie. (Almost Japanese cookies are not big.) Whenever I see an american cookie in the American TV drama, I think "What a big cookie!".

Sep 22, 2009

Pound cake

Miniature pound cake. The center of cake is rise from tear.

Whenever I bake a real pound cake, the left side of pound cake always burst. Why~???

Sep 17, 2009

Container No.2

Miniature container, girl's head version.

The cap opened.

With old version (left side). They are sisters.

Sep 16, 2009

Container No.1

Miniature Container (model). This design is cupcake.

The cap opened.

I made this from stone clay. A cap (cake) formed with stone clay. I sculptured a cup in solid of stone clay. I couldn't sculpture to make something to few years ago. Recently, I could do this work a little although inexperience. I am overcome by deep emotion.

Keep working steadily, can find little happiness.

Sep 8, 2009


Many kind of curry has arranged to Japanese taste in the cafe or restaurant in Japan. I get a image from those cafe.

Of course, many Indian curry restaurants are in Japan. It's delicious! I love it. But... almost those restaurant's menu are expensive.

Sep 6, 2009


I bound the miniature dishes with thread. This photo is before bound.

I cut the paper to the shape of pear.