Aug 29, 2010

Notice :)

My home page come 5th anniversary soon. :) And this English blog also come 2nd anniversary in this November. :) My character is get excited easily but soon cool down. :P But I can keep making miniature for long time! It's miracle!
And, at first I thought that couldn't keep writing in English for long time. I had idea that I was going to stop writing on three month. But various countries people see to my blog and sometimes some people send me glad e-mail. :-)) Therefore I could writing this blog in English for two years! I am thankful for everyone!

It come 5th and 2nd anniversary, I have plan give away with thankfulness. :-) I am preparing for it now. I will write about detailed explanation on this blog after a few days. Please wait for a few days.

Aug 25, 2010

Vacuum forming

I have tried vacuum forming, and I have practiced now. Today, I report still in progress.

To start vacuum forming, must to prepare tool of vacuum forming. This tool sell at the shop of plastic model, but it's expensive. So, I make by my hand in economy. :D I got little wood box and crevice tool of vacuum-cleaner in 100 yen shop.  (this store is like an one dollar shop or 99 cent shop in USA) And I bought a punching sheet and sponge tape in other store. The cost of materials is under 1000 yen (about $10). :) 

Next, I assemble a vacuum forming tool.
1. Cut short crevice tool, make a hole in the box for crevice tool. insert a crevice tool in the box, and fix by glue.
2. Put a punching sheet on the box by glue, and moreover gummed tape. And put sponge tape. 
Box size is 11cm X 11cm. The inside diameter is 9cm X 9cm. But this inside area is a little wide to miniature. So, I made frame that made in paper and sponge tape to make little area.

Prepare two plywoods (11cm X 11cm), make hole 6cm X 6cm each, sandwich a sheet of plastic 7cm X 7cm (0.3mm thick) between plywoods, and fasten with a clip. This photo is plastic sheet after heat and vacuum. I have tried and practiced some various mold. I practiced in the mold of kouglof in this photo.
I guess that this hole is still a little wide. I will make new frame that inside area 5cm X 5cm. 

Well... I have made a lot of trash now. XO I understand:
simple form(circle or square plate etc.)could vacuum forming well.
detail and very little or thin line etc. could not or difficult. 

But I guess I could do it. I need more time to succeed....

Aug 16, 2010


I made miniature macarons from resin clay. ummmm color was a little light. But it's no problem. :-) Macaron has pretty shape. :D I guess it is useful in miniature work.

I have eaten macaron only once at buffet in hotel. Macaron that I ate was mysterious texture and too sweet taste. Honestly speaking, I don't understand the taste is good or not. But I will try to eat another macaron again in the near future.

Aug 9, 2010

Wine bottle & Olive oil bottle

I had made miniature wine bottle and olive oil bottle. I mistook make wine bottle once, so I spent a lot of time. At last done. :-) An olive oil bottle is twist design. It's modernness? he-he-he.

I draw sunflowers and olive by my hand with color pencils, and processed and reduced in PC soft Photoshop and Illustrator. I had understood that those illustrations are not can't see detail. But I was disappointed again when I saw them real. :,-( I did my best.... boohoo

Aug 4, 2010

Open cans

I made some open cans.
I'm going to rust on cans.


 Moderate in eating is best. :D