May 20, 2011

Cutlery and Panini grill etc.

I made miniature knife and fork. I had have an idea I make those by aluminum plate or wood plate, but I foreboded that high failure rate on making. I don't have enough time to failure, I don't want to fail, besides my heart also would break by shock. :p So I did copy as always copy technique I do, by urethane resin. But this way never easy. I failed 2 times on 3 times. But this shock by failure is not heavy to me, and some cutleries failed don't go to trash. It possible to repair.

I already had made miniature panini grill just body parts. I assembled it. An angle of the upper part was very difficult. It's hard work. I wanted cry. ... No. I cried and shouted by irritated. The construction is questionable, but it never has 100% questionable, I guess. hehehe

Of course, I made a plug too. If this don't have on panini grill, occur Where is energy from? A plug is Japanese style.

And others. This mat use possible to message card. :) This made from sketchbook.

May 14, 2011

Sweets etc.

I wrapped miniature kouglof. It was hard work....

I made miniature roll of bread. They looks like caterpillar :P, or looks like swarms of The Ohmu that appear in Japanese famous animation movie "NAUSICAA of the valley of the wind." hehehe

Miniature cup cakes decorated with whipped cream and sugar icing cookie, crown and heart. It is popular sugar icing cookies in Japan now. I made miniature open star decorating tip again, because I lost old tip. I improve performance, it has beautiful  lines than tip I lost. But it need more practice to decoration. 

Miniature pan cake and Japanese pan cake "hot cake". (We call "hot cake" about pan cake. But recently, delicious American style pan cake shop has opened in some cities, Japan. So we can call distinguish between pan cake and hot cake.)
I put too maple syrup on each cakes. I like maple syrup in my real life :-9, for that reason I worked so.

May 3, 2011

Dollhouse -2-

I have a lot of photos today. :)

Oven finished. It looks like toy and cute. :)) I put some pans to test on the burner. I said "sizzzzle~" unwittingly. I backed to a little girl. :D What a fun just put on! The door of oven can not open and drawers (second to fifth) too. I'm so busy now and I don't have enough time to make open style.

Well... if dropped food on the floor, how about you? hehehe

I had dropped scrambled eggs on the floor once. I knocked strongly a handle of the frying pan with my careless, the frying pan turned a somersault and scrambled eggs dropped strongly on the floor. It was very hard to clean. :,-(

OK, next.
These are containers of girls design. They are talking behind closed doors. 
... I didn't see anything. Let's go next!

Orange juice in glass with glass holder. Glass holder made from paper.

I made miniature pipe under the sink.

Lady rat is leader in this kitchen. haha!