Mar 30, 2010

Stamp ~myself~

This is... myself!

And this is myself too. I carved this for two years ago. Wow! What a rough lines! But it's unique.

Oops! My hair style is same... But I sometimes changed. But... return to bobbed hair. ha-ha-ha.

Mar 29, 2010

Stamp ~toadstool, etc.~

This model is one of the toadstools I made from stone clay. There is a heart into the dots. :-) Carving the words is very difficult! I can't get the knack~. X(

I carved a pumpkin, leaf and bread with the image of country on the eraser. Woooo~, "f" is risky~! I thought I could carve the pumpkin being good. :D

Mar 28, 2010

Stamp ~cupcake~

Wow! It's big photo! Well, I reused my illustration to the eraser stamp. The line is strong and heavy! Exactly THE STAMP! LOL

The blank is careless, not beauty. :P

Mar 24, 2010


The handmade stamp made by eraser is popular in Japan now. This is stamp I made. My drawing line is thin, but the line of stamp is thick and strong. A good carver have many skill can carve the line very thin. I only sometimes make the eraser stamp. So, it's difficult for me to carve very thin line. ):-( But! No problem! It's self‐satisfaction! ha-ha-ha~

The eraser for the stamp is sold. This eraser is hard a little and can be carved very smoothly.

It adjusts lines little by little.

Lovely craft~. :D

Mar 23, 2010


The domestic exhibition I took part finished! My some works sold. I thank for customers! :D I made a lot of miniature works. My motivation meter in my heart is empty. So, I make other craft works. I rest making miniature for few days.

Well, I made ornament last weekend. I saw beautiful ornament with Swarovski bead at the shop. The Swarovski bead is crystal and it is called "Lucky charm". I decided to make that. I bought the crystal beads and made three ball of needle felting. This ornament is short to hung it on my desk light. The crystal bead glitter by the light of sun. It's beautiful! It's OK just this one. I feel dazzling, if there are few that. I will be have a pain in eyes!

Mar 18, 2010

2 colores

Miniature enamel tray, linen, cake cooler, cinnamon roll bread and a piece of chiffon cake. These are gift for bingo in the domestic exhibition.

Mar 15, 2010

Web book

This is my web book of new miniature works. Of course, FREE!
Click this photo! Please have a fun!

Mar 9, 2010

in the clear case

I wrapped my miniature works one by one in the clear paper, and put on the display board by both sides tape, and put on the paper mat, and put in the clear case! I felt that I'm be crazy. 0~:P I did these wrapping works by my mind. Because I don't want to glue the miniatures on the board. I hope that the customer display by themselves with enjoyment.

Well, I take part in the domestic exhibition with trust. I don't go to the place of exhibition. I just send my works. I also have to prepare the mat that decided size for put the miniatures. This is my area. I put my works on the mat tentatively. Wow wow wow! Closely!

I have to put the price and explanation on the clear case, now. I'm going to open all my mini works a few days later. Please waiting for that. :D

Mar 7, 2010


Last year, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opened in Japan. At first, it had a long line that waiting about one hour to buy doughnuts! Unbelievable! It's crazy! Now, it have a short line, so, I could buy that with ease. I eat for the first time.

Ungh~ ungh~ ungh~ What a tooooooooo sweet!!! I trembled with strong sweetness. :-( I ate Korean food to refresh. I prefer keep from sweetness. But dough is good that soft. I think it's be good, if it is keep from sweetness. Well, I guess it's difficult that to sale for long time with this sweetness in Japan, mutter.... Because our Japanese sweets culture has delicate sweetness. I guess this doughnuts is strong sweet to us. Oh, of course, there is Japanese who loves this sweetness, too.