Jun 30, 2009

Miniature white bear

I made a miniature white bear by needle felting. I never stabbed a my finger this time. I think I could make perfect arms and legs. Always, I can't make to symmetry to arms and legs. This bear is female. She has a big nose but she is pretty. She is going to wear an apron. She height is about 6 cm and sitting about 4.2 cm.

I show you how to make this bear.

Make a big ball for head and a small ball for mouth. And a small ball put on the big ball.
This figure like a lady of back figure.
Total time: about one hour.

Check the position for ears by marking pins. Like a robot's antenna.
Making time for ears: about 30 min. Put on the head: about 10 min.

*Head and face
Adjust head and face, put on eyes, nose and mouth. The head is completed.
Adjust time: about one hour. All total time to here, about 2 hours.

Make a body about one hour. The head put on the body with keep by marking pin.

*Head + body
Adjust them and completed.
Adjust time to the head and body: about one hour.

*Arms and legs.
Time of making to arms: about 30 min. Time of making to legs: about one hour.
I don't like work to make ears and legs. Those are very difficult for me~! And I can't make to symmetry, so, I make to ears, arms and legs on progress simultaneously to carefully.
(At this time, I am tired. So, the work is over the next day.)

And adjust to the hands and foots for 30 min. The arms and legs put on the body.

Total making time: 6 hours 50 min.

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