Aug 29, 2010

Notice :)

My home page come 5th anniversary soon. :) And this English blog also come 2nd anniversary in this November. :) My character is get excited easily but soon cool down. :P But I can keep making miniature for long time! It's miracle!
And, at first I thought that couldn't keep writing in English for long time. I had idea that I was going to stop writing on three month. But various countries people see to my blog and sometimes some people send me glad e-mail. :-)) Therefore I could writing this blog in English for two years! I am thankful for everyone!

It come 5th and 2nd anniversary, I have plan give away with thankfulness. :-) I am preparing for it now. I will write about detailed explanation on this blog after a few days. Please wait for a few days.


Eva said...

It is always a pleasure to follow your blog :)

Clara said...

Comunicas muy bien y eso hace el idioma un poco secundario, para eso usamos el traductor :)
Me encanta pasear por tu blog.
Besos Clara.

Ascension said...

Felicidades por tu aniversario!!!!
Sea cual sea el idioma en el que publiques, te seguire igual me encantan tus trabajos y exite (gracias a Dios), el traductor jejeje
besitos ascension

Alice said...

Yay! I'm glad you continued in English! Congratulations~~! ^3^

miniacollection said...

Happy anniversary!
I'm glad your blog is in English.

Alcy's Hobby Room said...

Yay, I'm glad you kept up with this English blog. I'm one happy regular reader :).
Happy Blog Anniversary!

by Sonya Rotella said...

Wow it is a dream to have the possibility to win your fantastic miniatures!
Congrats for your blog and the web site!
I think we all love your mini!