Nov 24, 2010

broken cup with plant

Sometimes I mistake copy work to miniature plate and cup etc. by resin. Then if it is possible to restoration by putty, I do it. But if it is difficult to restoration, those go to wastebasket. X( Other day, when I did copy work, I made a few bad cups. I was going to throw those to wastebasket, but I had an idea. It call broken cup and these cups might be able to be used as a plant pot.  I plant miniature ivy. I guess it is not bad. :)
And this time, I enlarged a hole than old cup in handle.

Ok, this is normal cup. I put illustration of cupcake on the cup.

I guess this design could use to real cup. :-)


Mari@ said...

GREAT idea Tomohachi! It's a new way to use broken cups. I like it so much ;o)

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

I agree with you, it was a good idea. The cup looks very nice now.
Best regards,

Sans! said...

I use broken cups for plants or to put paint brushes or utensils. I hardly ever throw them away. They can remain very useful for a long long time so I think your mini versions are very realistic!

miniacollection said...

It was a very good idea to keep your broken cup. I also like the one with the cipcake design.

CLARA said...

El paso de una taza normal a una taza encantadora. Muy buena idea.
Besos Clara