May 3, 2011

Dollhouse -2-

I have a lot of photos today. :)

Oven finished. It looks like toy and cute. :)) I put some pans to test on the burner. I said "sizzzzle~" unwittingly. I backed to a little girl. :D What a fun just put on! The door of oven can not open and drawers (second to fifth) too. I'm so busy now and I don't have enough time to make open style.

Well... if dropped food on the floor, how about you? hehehe

I had dropped scrambled eggs on the floor once. I knocked strongly a handle of the frying pan with my careless, the frying pan turned a somersault and scrambled eggs dropped strongly on the floor. It was very hard to clean. :,-(

OK, next.
These are containers of girls design. They are talking behind closed doors. 
... I didn't see anything. Let's go next!

Orange juice in glass with glass holder. Glass holder made from paper.

I made miniature pipe under the sink.

Lady rat is leader in this kitchen. haha!


Lotte said...

I love your little kitchen! Everything looks great.

by Sonya said...

Lovely!the eggs on the flour is great!
You are very good!

Patty said...

Your kitchen is so perfect for you to display your miniatures that you make!!! The eggs look very real!

miniacollection said...

Everything is perfect. I love your kitchen.

Chris P's Minis and More said...

Love it very nice work your little comments are funny too

Snowfern said...

hahaha!! you know i looooove everything you make, they're not only realistic, so cute as well ^ ^ very hard combination to achieve!! and you did it! AND you're sooo funny too haha the girls are off to a great adventure, i wanna see what treasures they'll bring back ;)

Maria Blanca"AyamontinoMaria" said...

Very nice kitchen! The eggs on the floor is a great idea!! Congratulations, fantastic work!Hugs

mr. pineapple man said...

so good to see all your recent works! what an artist!

tomohachi said...

Thank you always so much for commenting. :))
I'm always wild fancies in front of dollhouse. :P