Sep 11, 2011

6 months since disaster

It passed six months since disaster, March 11th. Stricken areas do not make reconstruction yet. Japanese Prime Minister changed again in last week. We don't understand the  present situation will advance to reconstruction and settle to radioactivity, because only incompetent Prime MInister has appeared since change a political party. And there are a lot of gaffe-prone minister in this political party.  ):-(
We have disappointment and we can not expect easily to new party cabinet.

It have still uneasiness to about cesium in Japan.
There is about current situation etc. in The Japan times.

And last ... 11th....
I pray their soul may rest in peace to victims 9/11, 2001in New York.


dale's dreams said...

So sorry dear! :(

I know it will take a while to recover. I know that New Orleans is still devastated from Katrina and that was six? years ago.

The people need to push the government.

The Old Maid said...

I was watching CNN about your country last week. Feel sorry for abandoned people who lost everything including their families and I still pray for Japan. Hope the politicians will soon decide what to do next and how to help everyone.

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much to pray for Japan. :)

Jennifer Rydell@Plushpussycat said...

So sorry about this situation. I am praying for Japan and her people, animals, and nature.