Dec 16, 2011

Fantasy world :)

I posted some photos about other marvelous miniature artist's work yesterday in my blog. Today I post about my miniature works. I have a lot of photos. :D

I made miniature cookies by clay. I did by two type method. They are same design but it's different figure. Left side cookies are not beautiful cross. I must to more practice. To make right side cookies are hard work a little. I like a method of left side. I choose right side cookies to my miniature work this time.

I already showed you this photo, but let me show again. One shape has hidden in the floor. Can you find that? If you could find that, your life in the next year will be ultra happy! hahaha. (hint: a bear)

Three lollipops. These candy are called "pero pero candy" or "perolin candy" in Japan. "Pero pero" is a adverb, meaning "suck".

This is failure. X( This color make fall off appetite. hehehe But I guess this can useful for a diet, :D because I loose desire to eat sweets when I see this.

To make plant it's very hard to me, but I challenge to make that. This little tree is still bald, but in the next photo....

it had leaves and five colors apples, green, yellow, orange red and gold. :D Some veins disappeared in the making process. :,-(
I made little story :D,  "If the person do a lot of good deed, gold apple will has in the tree and it will hear the person's prayer..."

Oh? Something is beside the tree...
It is sold Hundreds line up for sale of Year-End of Jumbo lottery tickets in this season in Japan. The first prize is three hundred million yen. (about three and nine million US dollars)

...OK, next. Leave Miss Rat.

This is a muffler to miniature bear. I crocheted by organic cotton. I can't knit and crochet. XO So I was crocheting with see the book how to crochet.
(In the high school I went had a home economic, one time in three years (Japanese high school has three years) has a subject about knitting or crocheting. The subject was very suffering to me. I had to knit a sweater. Anyway I didn't want to knitting, one day I threw it on the corner of living floor by irritation. I never did knitting, but strangely, stitches increased little by little. Then I was convinced of existence of dwarf in my home. LOL But in reality my mother knitted the sweater. The sweater was done by my mother, but I and my family nobody wore that. Because it was very heavy as an armor by I used a lot of woolen yearn haphazard and bottom of the sweater was poor stitches by my poor work. It was not cool. I don't know the armor sweater where is now. This story is long ago. LOL)

I drew illustration to package of cookie.  I drew detail, but...

detail is not need to reduction. But I will draw illustration detail because sometime I have opportunity that use big size. This can made by stainless steel pipe. I leaved a face of a part of stainless steel.



He lives in a forest, make his living space by use a ruin. He has spent happy time and happy life with his likes. 

I will put this photo later on flicker.

Thanks for reading and seeing. 


Drora's minimundo said...

A very cute scene. I love all the details. Thanks for sharing.

Eliana said...

I'ma fan of your blog. I loved the playfulness and good humor of this post. ;D
When you asked to find a shape on the floor I found Pucca! But that's okay, it was a bear.
I really enjoyed the scene set.

Unknown said...

Que maravilla de escena, me encantó!!

Unknown said...

i think that the most amazing thing about your works is that it never fails to make me smile, and sometimes laugh. that's why i am always careful that i am not eating or drinking anything when i visit your blog XD

(i did take a long time to spot the bear, i must be tired -_-"")

LOVE IT. truly. your work is very very special, made all the more heartwarming with your stories...the amazing growing sweater XD

miniacollection said...

What a wonderful and sweet scene! I love the biscuits tin.

Plushpussycat said...

I love this post and story. You are very talented. I'm so happy I follow your blog--it makes me smile! :-)

Ascension said...

Una fantastica escena, con unos geniales detalles.
Me encanta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! I am very happy that everyone enjoy in my blog. :))

Muchas gracias! Me alegro de todas encantan en mi blog. :))

Unknown said...

A very fun postm, I`m smiling! And you have made so many cute miniatures and put it all together in a lovely scene.
Thanks for sharing.