Jan 11, 2012

Hello again. :)

I start for my miniature life 2012. :)
I made miniature pizza by air dry clay. This style is like a Japanese food sample (Fake food).

Sometimes I order for delivery pizza. Delivery pizza in Japan is almost american pizza type, not thin and not crispy. But we can choose which hope thick or thin when order for pizza type. I like thin and crispy type.

I love Italian pizza. :-9


MelyMel said...

La tua pizza ha un'aspetto davvero invitante!!! Da italiana amante della pizza posso dire che anche io amo quella sottile e croccante, è la tua mini è perfetta!!!

Sandy said...

Love you minis... I am your newest follower...please stop over for a visit and follow me... I'd love to meet you.. xoso Sandy

Drora's minimundo said...

Very impressive work. The pizza looks so real. I love the serving spoon's handle.

Cote said...

umm!! que buena pinta, esta genial!!!

Plushpussycat said...

This looks amazingly realistic! Yumm! :-) Jennifer

Cindy Teh said...

yummy, i have been craving pizza over the last few days, and now i see your pizza and...i think i'm going to order pizza this weekend...:P

Beautiful work as always! LOVE IT!

(i also like thin crust pizza better :D)

Valentina said...


Crafter's Delights said...

Sugoi! Oishisou ni dekiterune! Honmono mitai! Kono saito mitsukete yokatta! xoxo Amy

tomohachi said...

Thank you so much! :) I will run on the road of the miniature world, this year too. :D

Welcome to my miniature world and nice to meet you! I'm very happy you enjoy in my blog. :)

Arigatou! Watashi wa totemo ureshii desu.
Thank you! I'm very happy!

Mari@-Il Cucchiaino Magico said...

Wonderful work! I love Pizza and I eat it with joy very often. In Italy you can find a "Pizzeria" in every zone of the city and here in Rome we have a specialists of the "Roman" Pizza ;o))) Your item looks perfect. I hope that in the future you can eat a real pizza even here in Italy."Baci"

Cabezuela said...

No me gusta la pizza pero la tuya me la comeria

Loomable said...

THIS is awesome! I would like to form my Clay like this, fantastic!:)