Mar 5, 2012

Girlish chest and others

Girlish chest and favorite things done~! Handles are shape of flower.

I''m so busy to make some dollhouse and miniatures now. I put handles on the fake drawer. This dollhouse is like girlish too. :)

And... I made miniature newspapers. One newspaper fold, and make dirty in the surface of another one, to spread on the desk and put miniature art.
By the way, the contents of these newspapers are "suspicion about village mayor" "I never eat!" "He is suspected of eating secretly doughnuts to festival." and "The village mayor definite guilty" "He admitted" "It was sure that the village mayor ate doughnuts!"
I made hard these article but these are hidden. X(

I made miniature poundcake.


anna said...

your work is wonderful again! and so nice ideas! i love looking at your blog!

Drora's minimundo said...

I like everything I see. The little bear is so cute! The handles you made are great, the bread looks fresh and delicious! Great work.Hugs


Wszystko jest piękne! Zachwyciły mnie uchwyty w szafkach. Uściski!

miniacollection said...

Wonderful! I love the furniture.

Fabiola said...

The furniture is amazing. I like the little bear.
Bye Faby

Maria Ireland said...

Your furniture is wonderful I love the handles. The bread looks so real. Fantastic work.
Hugs Maria

Plushpussycat said...

I love your work! I'm in love with the tiny teddy bear. Could I purchase it from you? My email: pdxjbear (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks! :-) Jennifer

tomohachi said...

Thank you everyone! :))


Thank you always for your comment and you like my miniatures. I'm so glad! :))) Well, I don't sale my miniatures by myself now and this works are to consignment sales in Japanese shopping web site "April showers", I sent delivery of goods to this shop. But this works already sold-out now. I'm sorry!
I am so busy to prepare to little exhibition now, I don't have idea when I send my works to this shop again. When I send my miniatures to this shop again, Could you check this web shop? If you can find your favorite miniature, Could you negotiate with this shop's owner? This shop's owner can reading and writing English. She will reply to you kindly.

Thank you.